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Train Like A Girl


I never accepted being a girl as a reason for not being able to physically do something. As a little girl I always looked up to my older brother. I watched him in envy as he raced his dirt bike through the trees and as soon as my little four year old feet could reach the kick start I was right behind him. When he signed up for BMX racing, so did I. When other girls were on their way to piano lessons I was more interested in racing my bike off a dock into the lake. When the backyard apple trees were no longer difficult to climb my dad would simply harness me up with a rope and let me climb something taller. I realized my love for adrenaline at a Continue reading

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DIY Starfish Wall Art


I’m sure most of you have recognized a theme when it comes to the majority of my household DIY projects. Most of it is nautical ocean themed. No I do not live near the ocean, but that doesn’t mean I can’t bring the ocean to me. I was a water baby when I was little and I never outgrew my love for it. Maybe it is from growing up in the Okanagan or maybe from spending every summer on road trips to the coast. Either way I find my peace and relaxation close to the water, so naturally when it came time to decorate my home and get my DIY on, I instantly gravitated towards anything that reminded me of the sea.

A while back I did this diy craft for homemade salt dough starfish. Click on the link <a Continue reading

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DIY Driftwood Picture Holder


Spring has sprung…. and it seems to have happened overnight. Two weeks ago I was still wearing my winter jacket and toque…. and this week I was suntanning in my shorts and tank top. With no gradual entrance I felt a little caught off guard with having to switch from lined boots to sandals so quickly, but I welcome warm weather with open arms. With the warm weather, spring cleaning and my vitamin D levels being shocked, I am finding my creative side starting to bloom as well.

This DIY was inspired by my boredom with regular picture frames. I’m a picture framing procrastinator so once I actually get around to framing a picture, it is most likely going to deteriorate in the frame before I make the time to change it out again. But with this picture holder it’s as easy as opening a clothes pin to change out pictures. And it’s not limited to just photos either! You can display movie tickets, photo booth shots, invitations, save the dates, art etc….you get the picture :)

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Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts

PicMonkey Collage

Okay it’s the last weekend before Christmas!! Some of you were done shopping weeks ago and some of you may not have even started. Either way, if you are brave enough to venture to the mall this weekend, then I tip my hat to you. However, sometimes even the mall doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for or maybe you just want to give a gift this holiday season with a little homemade touch. Here are some of my favorite last minute DIY projects. They all cost less than $15 and you can make them in an hour or less. Inexpensive, fast and homemade! What more could you ask for with less than 6 days till Christmas!

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DIY Mercury Glass Mason Jars


Mercury glass home decor seems to be lining the shelves and popping up in interior design everywhere this year. Although mercury glass has been around forever, it seems like it’s really making it’s comeback. This classic metallic finish adds the perfect mix of modern, rustic, feminine, and masculine to any room. But a hefty price tag usually seems to be attached to these mercury glass items in designer stores. Problem solved!! You think I want to pay that price for something I can make myself…. I think not. So with a simple can of Looking Glass spray paint you can transform any regular glass item into a brand new piece… and for a fraction of the price! Continue reading

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DIY Rock Magnets


These little rock magnets are the perfect little stocking stuffer or hostess gift for the holidays. They take less than 5 minutes to make, are super inexpensive and look cute decorating any fridge. I just bought a simple bag of polished decor rocks from the dollar store for $2, a set of small magnets for $2 and I already had the glue so I was able to make two dozen of them for less than $5! This diy craft is the perfect Continue reading