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New Years. The cliche time of year where many of us cling to ideas, goals and promises we hope to achieve in the upcoming year. By no means am I against New Years Resolutions. I think having goals is essential for personal development and being able to better ourselves. However, I find that all to often we forget one of the most crucial aspects of self development and growth. Reflection. When we are truly honest in our own self reflection it brings awareness, and this awareness creates the ability to change the things we don’t like. Self reflection is extremely humbling as it gives us the freedom to see things for what they truly are, the space to grow and the foundation in which to measure that growth.

Our society thrives on constantly wanting more, having more and being more, but as a result we rarely slow down and truly appreciate all that we already have. It’s imperative that we honor ourselves through reflecting not only on where we were, or where we are, but also where we are going. There is so much to be grateful for in between point A and point B, in admiring the steps you have taken, the accomplishments you have already made and the moment you are currently in. If we cannot appreciate what we already have, we will never find happiness in having more.

For me, New Years is simply about honouring the course that life has taken me through over the past year. Allowing myself to remember not only the high points but also the low points, because strength grows in the moments that we feel defeated by the darkness but continue searching for the light. The happiness often comes after heartache, the success after the struggles. Life is full of change. Priorities changes, friendships change, relationships change and what we value changes. Ask yourself what is really important to you and then have the courage to continually build your life around that answer.

I chose one word every year to be mindful of as I wake up every day. 2015 was the hardest year of my life where I felt completely lost on many levels. So my focus for 2016 was Alignment. And this past year has been exactly that. Aligning my thoughts, my actions and my life with who I truly am at my core. It has been a very emotional year but in the most amazing way as I feel like I have found myself again.

So this year I choose to be mindful every day of one simple word. Enjoyment. I choose to make a conscious effort to find more enjoyment every single day. Enjoyment in those first few quiet moments in the morning, enjoyment in the uninterrupted beauty of time spent with those I love. Less analyzing, over thinking and losing direction with thoughts running wild. Simple enjoyment in life and where I am today, not where I may be tomorrow. But most of all, enjoyment in who I am and who I was truly meant to be.

Learning without reflection is a waste. Reflection without learning is dangerous. ~ Confucious

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Sweet November


Something I will never take for granted about where I live is the ability to experience all four seasons, but there is still something about fall that resonates with my soul. The beauty of nature visually transforming every day carries a feeling of change, reflection and subtle sense of slowing down. The busy summer lifestyle slowly yields itself to quieter days and longer nights, yet this shift doesn’t come without a bittersweet feeling of another summer come and gone. In a city buzzing with young families, tourists and outdoor lovers I’ve never been one to Continue reading


My Honest Nursing Story


 Although my son is now three years old, nursing my little one is a memory that remains fresh in my mind and heart.  Regardless of how much times passes, I think that the more awareness and knowledge new moms have, the better.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was a dozen emotions all wrapped up into one hormonal bundle. Sure I was ready to be pregnant. Come on, I had seen enough social media to be prepared for 9 months of cute maternity clothes, a perfectly glowing complexion, Rapunzel like hair, and an unlimited supply of ice cream in the freezer. How hard could pregnancy be? Reality sunk in quite quickly, when the body that had once been entirely my own, was now morphing into unrecognizable shapes seemingly overnight. As well as symptoms that WebMD had not prepared me for. Sleepless nights sumo wrestling pillows trying to get comfortable-ish, heart burn equivalent to swallowing a heated curling iron and days spent waddling around in sweatpants with a container of stale donuts in hand, convincing myself I was fashionably casual. Oh, pregnancy at its best.

Then came Continue reading

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Lest We Forget


The question this Remembrance Day is not whether or not we remember, it is about what we chose to remember. Those who gave their lives and fought for a better tomorrow should be respected for many years to come. But this day is not about honoring war and violence, it should be about honoring peace and unity among a nation. And paying respects to all those who were affected by the war. Remembering those who not only lost their lives on the battle field, but also those who Continue reading

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Lost at Sea


Ever since I can remember, I have loved and admired the tranquility of the ocean. My childhood summers were spent alongside my family on vacation and I cannot recall a single summer where I didn’t spend at least one weekend listening to the waves lap against the shore. As a little girl I would spend entire days picking sand dollars out of the tide pools, drawing pictures in wet sand and chasing crabs from underneath their rocks. Evenings were either spent jumping barefoot across sun bleached driftwood in search of the perfect sea shell or curled up in a beach towel watching the sunlight play along the horizon before its final descent.

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Passion is the Reward When You Realize Fear is a Choice


Everyone is meant to feel passion in life. Our culture tends to associate passion with relationships exclusively, but passion is simply feeling the fullest expression of love. However, the most common obstacle in the way of living a passionate and fulfilling life is fear. A great friend of mine shared a simple quote with me about how fear manifests in all of us. Fear is simply, False Evidence Appearing Real.

Fear is a powerful emotion that twists our common sense. Life will never give us 100% guarantees for Continue reading

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When a Healthy Lifestyle Becomes Unhealthy Living


Most people only ever associate fitness with positive connotations and results, however this has become far from the truth for many individuals, especially women. In a society obsessed with outward images, the healthy approach to fitness has  shifted to an unhealthy obsession and addiction.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapcrap and Instagam is saturated with Continue reading