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DIY Driftwood Picture Holder

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Spring has sprung…. and it seems to have happened overnight. Two weeks ago I was still wearing my winter jacket and toque…. and this week I was suntanning in my shorts and tank top. With no gradual entrance I felt a little caught off guard with having to switch from lined boots to sandals so quickly, but I welcome warm weather with open arms. With the warm weather, spring cleaning and my vitamin D levels being shocked, I am finding my creative side starting to bloom as well.

This DIY was inspired by my boredom with regular picture frames. I’m a picture framing procrastinator so once I actually get around to framing a picture, it is most likely going to deteriorate in the frame before I make the time to change it out again. But with this picture holder it’s as easy as opening a clothes pin to change out pictures. And it’s not limited to just photos either! You can display movie tickets, photo booth shots, invitations, save the dates, art etc….you get the picture :)

All you need is:

  • 3 pieces of drift wood (any type of stick or branch will work too)
  • hemp string
  • mini clothespins
  • OPTIONAL: You will need a drill for top piece of wood if you choose to thread hemp string and secure with bolts like I did in picture below. Otherwise you can just wrap the hemp string around the top piece of wood as well.


It’s so easy! Just start with the top piece of wood and wrap the string several times around the wood on each end. Then leave however much space until the next piece of wood. Wrap several times around second and third piece as well. Add mini clothespins to secure your items and you are done!


Depending on your wall space you can chance the length of the holder by choosing longer pieces of wood. You can also use fewer pieces or more to create a short or longer picture holder! Happy crafting!!IMG_1032

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away. ~ Eudora Welty

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I am a DIY-ing, crafting, thrifting, baking, sewing, cooking, deal-loving gal with too much energy and a love for creating.

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