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DIY Nautical Wooden Art



It’s the weekend! I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday because I know I am! Currently I am sitting in my pajama’s and doing some baking. Then this afternoon my hubby and I are taking a mini road trip out of town to go to the beach and hopefully dinner and a movie later if the weather holds up. Then tomorrow I’m going to my girlfriend Jill’s baby shower! I am soooo excited to meet her newest addition to the family and see all of our friends! I love any and all excuses to gather with girlfriends to pig out on great food spend time together.

Now back to business. My next diy project in the nursery were these wooden cutouts. Sometimes great ideas come from something you see that you want to modify/change or make your own. But sometimes you just see something and have to have it exactly how it is! In this case I was browsing around the internet for whale decor and came across these beachy looking wooden whales that I fell in love with! However I couldn’t justify paying $90 for the pair.



Since I didn’t have the money to buy them or the proper tools to cut them out, I called my aunt who is an amazing crafter/carpenter! She has made hundreds of wooden crafts! So I sent her the picture and the measurements I wanted of the whales along with a picture of an anchor shape that I also wanted to make. Within a couple weeks these little wooden delights showed up at my house!



She explained that she cut them out of cedar wood since it is a very rough grain wood. That way, once you have painted them and start roughing them up with sandpaper it leaves the most natural weathered texture. I didn’t want them nearly as weathered at the original picture I found so all that I did was…..

  • I painted each piece with two coats of cheap acrylic craft paint and let it dry
  • I took sandpaper and lightly roughed up the front as well as all the edges
  • I mixed up a charcoal grey paint color, and diluted it with water until it was really runny
  • I took an old toothbrush, dipped it in the charcoal grey paint and splattered little flecks all over each piece to complete the weathered texture. That’s all!

For the whales, we attached several hooks to the bottom whale so I can hang my nursing blankets beside my glider chair.


And for the anchor I looped rope around it with several different styles of rope braiding and knots.


This anchor was intended for the nursery but it only made it as far as my living room before it found it’s perfect home, propped against some old novels and a driftwood vase. But the whales are happily swimming on the walls in my nursery! I am so happy with how they all turned out!! Since my aunt used scrap wood and all I needed to buy was the teal craft paint, these three nautical pieces cost me a whopping……  $4! I love me a deal!

Even if you are not comfortable with cutting out your own wooden shapes, there are different wooden cutouts at local craft stores that you can paint and make your own. With a little inspiration, or in this case (exact duplication) you will have custom art work for a fraction of the price.

Whale, whale, whale…… what do we have here?

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Author: Domestic Ingenuity

I am a DIY-ing, crafting, thrifting, baking, sewing, cooking, deal-loving gal with too much energy and a love for creating.

4 thoughts on “DIY Nautical Wooden Art

  1. I was soooo disappointed that you weren’t selling the stencil! Did you cut it out freehand? It’s exactly what we need to make a wood wall hanging.

  2. Great nautical projects! I wish you could share the wood pattern, though! I’m going to try to just make my own and see how they come out!!

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