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DIY Glider Chair Cover



It’s the weekend!! I’m not gonna lie…. it’s a little cloudy outside, my hubby is busy working on the garage and I am happily lounging in my pajama’s sipping some cold iced tea!

 My next nursery project reveal is the glider chair that we recovered. And by we, I mean my grandma and I. She is an amazing seamstress and when it comes to sewing anything, she’s the one to call. I knew I wanted a glider chair for the nursery so my search began. I shopped at baby stores, online stores and furniture stores but soon realized that rocking chairs are sooooo expensive! I wasn’t thrilled about the black frame and beige cushions, but for $200 at Walmart I could buy a brand new glider so I had a small budget to work with. I still wasn’t sold on spending $200 on a chair I didn’t love, so my search grew to include thrift stores, garage sales and the classifieds. While looking for chair inspiration, I found this gorgeous chair online with the perfect color palette for our nursery…… but my $200 budget didn’t stretch as far at the $997.00 price tag on this rocker!


But with all the ugly glider chairs I had seen second hand, I was sure I could find a chair with a light colored wood frame. Then it was just a matter of finding one cheap enough so that I could buy the chair AND the fabric to re-finish it for under $200.00. Challenge accepted. A month later, this was the gem I bought second hand for $70.


The cushions were stained and filthy, the material was in rough shape but the chair itself was great quality and priced at over $400 brand new. So in our truck it went! When we got home I realized there was no way to remove the fabric from the cushions to wash them. I just took the cushions (foam and all) and scrubbed them outside with a bristle brush, laundry detergent and a hose. Then after three days of air drying in the sun, I realized there was no way I was doing that every time I spilled something on it. So I knew I needed to make removable slip covers as opposed to just re-upholstering it. That way I could remove the fabric and wash them whenever I wanted….. AND I could chose the fabric and color that I loved.

So I went fabric shopping, which was also waaaayyy too expensive.  Simple grey fabric at our local fabric store was going to cost me over $150 which put me over my $200 budget. Then it dawned on me…. buying fabric curtain panels or fabric shower curtains would be way cheaper!

Then I found this beautiful grey tweed curtain panel for $22!! One panel was enough fabric to recover my whole chair! Thank you Walmart!


My grandma is amazing as what she does and we worked by simple trial and error. Since we didn’t have a pattern to use, we took an old teal bed sheet to make a simple cushion pattern. That way we could re-sew and re-cut as we needed before cutting into the good material. We put our practice cover over the cushion and pinned and made any adjustments we needed until it fit snug.


Then once our practice patterns fit to our liking, we cut out the same patterns from the good material. (the top piece fits over the backrest cushion, and the bottom piece fits over the seat)


My grandma and I decided zippers would be durable and easy to remove so she sewed a zipper along the bottom of both these covers.

Then for the foot glider we just cut out a piece of fabric several inches bigger than the footrest and serged around the edges.


Next, I took a staple gun and wrapped the footrest with the fabric. (Check out my fabric wrapped canvas tutorial)


The creation of the arm rest slip covers I give all credit to my grandma. She figured out an easy way to wrap the cushions, by cutting out a rectangular piece of fabric, scrunching the ends and sewing ties to attach them around the exisiting cushions. Brilliant!


Then we sewed additional ties and attached them to the back of the seat cushion and the top of the backrest cushion to secure them to the wooden chair frame! This was the end result!!


It turned out ten times better than I could have imagined! I love the grey tweed against the natural wood color and I’m going to love the convenience of removing and washing the covers whenever I spill (which is very often).

Since this diy project was custom to my chair I apologize for not having a proper tutorial. So instead I found a great basic tutorial on recovering a glider chair here. It just wasn’t much help for us since I wanted zippers as opposed to snap closures, I had different armrests, a different foot stool and I didn’t like the idea of wrapping all the original ties so we just sewed our own so none of the original fabric would be visible.

We still made mistakes, had moments of confusion, but with many laughs it all turned out. I gotta say though…… after all our little fabric cutting mistakes and after we sewed all the ties (which we didn’t originally plan for) this was all the material that we had left! We cut it pretty close…haha.


One who makes no mistakes, never makes anything. ~ Author Unknown

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Author: Domestic Ingenuity

I am a DIY-ing, crafting, thrifting, baking, sewing, cooking, deal-loving gal with too much energy and a love for creating.

15 thoughts on “DIY Glider Chair Cover

  1. I have been searching and searching for replacement cushions for the ones I ruined (the washer, duh!). Never thought about curtains. Thank you for solving my problem:)

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  3. Great job. I’m planning on doing the same idea so this was helpful. You are very lucky to have your Grandma so close. Mine is 14 hours away. Did you make your own crib bedding as well?

    • Thank you so much! Yeah I am very grateful I have help so close. Yes I did also make my crib bedding but it took us many steps of trial and error to create a fitted sheet without a pattern so unfortunately I wouldn’t know where to begin to create a tutorial for that! hahaha I’d love to see how your chair turns out!

  4. I love this idea and want to give it a try, but have zero knowledge of sewing. I tried to get to the link you posted for a more in depth tutorial but it came up blank. Do you have any other tips for a total and utter novice?

  5. I also purchased a used glider for my nursery and am getting ready to cover the old cushions! If mine comes out half as good as yours I will be stoked. I’m afraid for it to look as good as yours does I would need to borrow your surger and your grandma though! Thanks for the inspiration, here I go.

  6. Your experience on building a good glider but with low cost is very interesting. You really worked hard to find a variety of materials, including old chair, before you turn it into a very interesting glider.
    Finally, with a very low budget, you can change the old glider to very nice and comfortable. It is a brilliant project.
    Of course, not everyone is able to do like you. But, what are you doing for days looking for a solid old chair, supporting materials, doing renovation, etc. are enviable. This is a great hard work.
    For those who can not work as hard as you, of course, have to find another way. The easiest way is choosing to purchase new glider with enough budget. Another way is asking for the help others who has skill for that. Thank you.

  7. The rocking chair cushion covers look amazing, working up the confidence to try this!

  8. fantastic site thankyou for sharing your projects I’ve picked up some great tips.. thanks again

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