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DIY Mercury Glass Mason Jars

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Mercury glass home decor seems to be lining the shelves and popping up in interior design everywhere this year. Although mercury glass has been around forever, it seems like it’s really making it’s comeback. This classic metallic finish adds the perfect mix of modern, rustic, feminine, and masculine to any room. But a hefty price tag usually seems to be attached to these mercury glass items in designer stores. Problem solved!! You think I want to pay that price for something I can make myself…. I think not. So with a simple can of Looking Glass spray paint you can transform any regular glass item into a brand new piece… and for a fraction of the price! Think mason jars, glass ornaments, votives, vases, glass plates, dishes, candle holders…. oh the list goes on. All you need is a glass item of your choice, Looking Glass spray paint, paper towel and a small spray bottle containing a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water. These jars would make the perfect Christmas gift filled with fresh holiday greenery or stuffed with little stocking stuffers!

Happy crafting!


Step 1. Spray your clean jar with a light mist of the vinegar/water spray.


Step 2. Immediately spray a thin coat of Looking Glass spray paint to the jar.


Step 3. Wait a minute or two and gently dab away the water droplets.


Step 4. Repeat the same process of a thin coat of water/vinegar followed by a thin coat of Looking Glass spray paint until you get your desired coverage. Anywhere between 3-5 coats should give you the look you want! Told you it was easy!!


Little Fact: Known as “poor man’s silver” in England, mercury glass provided an inexpensive alternative to the silver that furnished the houses and churches of the wealthy.




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