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New Years. The cliche time of year where many of us cling to ideas, goals and promises we hope to achieve in the upcoming year. By no means am I against New Years Resolutions. I think having goals is essential for personal development and being able to better ourselves. However, I find that all to often we forget one of the most crucial aspects of self development and growth. Reflection. When we are truly honest in our own self reflection it brings awareness, and this awareness creates the ability to change the things we don’t like. Self reflection is extremely humbling as it gives us the freedom to see things for what they truly are, the space to grow and the foundation in which to measure that growth.

Our society thrives on constantly wanting more, having more and being more, but as a result we rarely slow down and truly appreciate all that we already have. It’s imperative that we honor ourselves through reflecting not only on where we were, or where we are, but also where we are going. There is so much to be grateful for in between point A and point B, in admiring the steps you have taken, the accomplishments you have already made and the moment you are currently in. If we cannot appreciate what we already have, we will never find happiness in having more.

For me, New Years is simply about honouring the course that life has taken me through over the past year. Allowing myself to remember not only the high points but also the low points, because strength grows in the moments that we feel defeated by the darkness but continue searching for the light. The happiness often comes after heartache, the success after the struggles. Life is full of change. Priorities changes, friendships change, relationships change and what we value changes. Ask yourself what is really important to you and then have the courage to continually build your life around that answer.

I chose one word every year to be mindful of as I wake up every day. 2015 was the hardest year of my life where I felt completely lost on many levels. So my focus for 2016 was Alignment. And this past year has been exactly that. Aligning my thoughts, my actions and my life with who I truly am at my core. It has been a very emotional year but in the most amazing way as I feel like I have found myself again.

So this year I choose to be mindful every day of one simple word. Enjoyment. I choose to make a conscious effort to find more enjoyment every single day. Enjoyment in those first few quiet moments in the morning, enjoyment in the uninterrupted beauty of time spent with those I love. Less analyzing, over thinking and losing direction with thoughts running wild. Simple enjoyment in life and where I am today, not where I may be tomorrow. But most of all, enjoyment in who I am and who I was truly meant to be.

Learning without reflection is a waste. Reflection without learning is dangerous. ~ Confucious