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Making sense of the pregnancy countdown…

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Hey everyone!! I gotta start by saying I am exhausted! Saturday and Sunday flew by and I’m in serious need of a recovery weekend. I had so much fun this weekend though so I can’t complain too much. I went for dinner on Friday night with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in a while. We ate at a great new restaurant on the lake which was beautiful! Then yesterday I spent the whole day (literally from 8 in the morning till midnight) with my girlfriend Lise. We started with garage sales, bargain shopping, errands, craft stores, thrift stores and then finally we ended the night on the couch with my our hubbies. Then today I crafted…..and crafted and crafted. I was in Martha Stewart mode for sure. I finished making and sewing the mobile for our nursery and I finally sewed some garland that I’ve wanted to make since last year. I couldn’t really bring myself to make something for a nursery before I was even pregnant, but now I’m done it at last! Don’t worry… I did tutorials on all my projects and I’ll be sharing them soon!

Speaking of pregnancy I don’t know about all of you fellow mommy-t0-be’s out there, but I was confused as heck when learning about the pregnancy countdown. Isn’t pregnancy 9 months long?! Then I learned it was actually 40 weeks….. but isn’t 40 weeks closer to 10 months?! And how could I be 4 weeks pregnant only 2 weeks after conceiving?! And how are you considered 4 months pregnant at only 14 weeks instead of at 16 weeks?! I felt like I needed a master’s degree in algorithm to figure this out. It’s mostly confusing because medically speaking women are pregnant for 40 weeks although you are only with child for 38 weeks of that (since the first 2 weeks of being pregnant start before you even conceive). Still confused?! Well fret no more. I found this great lil’ chart and finally the hamster upstairs was able to tie up the loose ends.

The best analogy I can give you when it comes to counting months is to think of it in jean sizes. If you no longer fit size 28 jeans you wouldn’t say you are size 28 and 1/2 , you would say you are a size 29. The same with months. Once you have completed a full month you jump to the next full month. Hope this helps… but if you have baby brain or as I like to refer to it as the pregnancy stupids then you’ll need this chart to refer to more than once… haha.


(Original source of chart unknown)

It is said that the present is pregnant with the future – Voltaire

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