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Exciting blog news!


Hey everyone!!! Like my caption says, this is a very exciting moment for me as a new blogger!! When I finally finished my nursery in the summer I personally was really happy with how it turned out. My friends and family were also very full of praises for how much they liked it, but would they have told me otherwise?! Haha after all…… I had decorated the whole room for under $300 with a lot of my own DIY projects so maybe they were just being nice and didn’t want to shatter my dream of being Martha Stewart.

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Nursery Reveal!!

reveal - Copy

The last diy nursery project on the list is the 1960’s dresser that belonged to my dad as a kid. Unfortunately, it’ll be a little while before it’s finished and I can post it. When my hubby started sanding and stripping down the multiple layers of paint on the dresser we realized that two of the legs need to be rebuilt so currently it is in about 15 pieces. Since we are also in the midst of rebuilding our garage the dresser will have to wait. But the nursery reveal doesn’t….

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DIY Sailor Knot Headband


Happy Monday! Another weekend gone by, but well spent. On Friday night we went for a walk and a movie date with friends, then had a relaxing day at home Saturday and then yesterday morning my hubby and I did yard work. So to treat ourselves we decided to spent Sunday afternoon strolling along the lake after a coffee date followed by an amazing dinner of all-you-can-eat-sushi!!! After a long days work, it’s pretty disgusting astounding how much sushi a full grown man and a pregnant lady can really eat. haha we won’t go there….

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DIY Nautical Wooden Art


It’s the weekend! I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday because I know I am! Currently I am sitting in my pajama’s and doing some baking. Then this afternoon my hubby and I are taking a mini road trip out of town to go to the beach and hopefully dinner and a movie later if the weather holds up. Then tomorrow I’m going to my girlfriend Jill’s baby shower! I am soooo excited to meet her newest addition to the family and see all of our friends! I love any and all excuses to gather with girlfriends to pig out on great food spend time together.

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DIY Nursery Gallery Wall


In our nursery we painted a fun feature wall so there was only one other large bare wall left where I could do something really creative with. I love the idea of gallery walls, as you might remember from my diy wedding gallery wall. So it was just a matter of when and where I would find all my art pieces for this gallery. Continue reading


DIY Whale Mobile


This was one of my favorite diy crafts that I made for our nursery….. oh who am I kidding. I loved all the crafting that went into this lil’ babes room. Our crib was thrifted at only $70.00 which was such a steal but it just seemed naked without a mobile.

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