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Huffington Post #2


Hey everyone! Happy Friday! I am so excited because another one of my blog articles was featured on Huffington Post. In two days I’ve reached over 18 thousand Facebook Likes!! Thanks for all your support! I won’t announce each time my articles get published so stop my Huffington Post here and share your comments!

Have a great weekend!!

P.S- I have some DIY projects coming soon!

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. ~ Bill Cosby

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Chronicles of a Pregnant Lady….. part 2


I’m officially in the homestretch of my pregnancy. With only 11 days to go until my due date, the idea that he one could arrive at any moment has me feeling somewhere between anxious and extremely excited!! After carrying this squirmy lil baby for over nine months I am more than ready to meet him and finally hold him.

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DIY Nursing Cover


For the past year I have been faithfully posting every second day on my blog which has been a big commitment that I’m quite proud of! However with only 14 more days left until my due date, I’m officially feeling the weight (literally) of pregnancy. Continue reading


Chronicles of a stay-at-home (pregnant) wife…..


I am officially 33 1/2 weeks today and the next month and a half I’m sure will be gone before I know it. I spent most of July adjusting to not working and finding out how to fill my days without feeling like I did nothing or did too much. I have a really hard time  just sitting around relaxing without feeling lazy. So most days I gotta admit…. I do way too much. Most of you reading this are probably thinking….. “Oooohhh poor you. You have all summer off and don’t have to work…..boo hoo”  I’m not complaining….. it’s just that Continue reading


Pregnany Cravings


Oooohhh the age old question: “So what are your pregnancy cravings?” Let’s just start by saying that I’m writing this only from my own personal experience, so if you’re eating a Big Mac and Kit Kat every day of your pregnancy then read no further.  Continue reading


Foods to Avoid When You are Pregnant


As soon as my husband and I decided to start trying I figured I might as well take a look at the infinite list of things not to eat while pregnant. This never-ending list left me feeling like my safest bet was to regress back to eating Cheerios and pureed bananas. Continue reading

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Finding out the Gender?!


Is it a boy or a girl? In Medieval times, alchemists and herbalists suggested drinking prescribed concoctions just before conceiving and other tribes believed in wearing particular garments or trinkets. The Chinese also have a lunar calendar based on the woman’s age and the month she conceives which is aimed at providing couples with ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ months to either avoid or try to get pregnant. Many astrologists also have theories about sex selection according to certain dates and times in relation to where the planets lie. For us…. we planned on trying and got pregnant. No bedazzled outfits, calendar reading or rainbow colored martini’s for us. But now that we are pregant….do we find out or not?!

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