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Healthy Easter Snacks

With Easter right around the corner, it’s hard not to sneak in that extra mini egg or chocolate bunny every time you pass that cute little Easter basket sitting on the counter. But just because its a holiday doesn’t mean that all your food options have to be covered in chocolate. There are so many other ways to make Easter fun without emptying your wallet in the seasonal candy aisle. These snacks and appetizers are very festive, healthy, and the kids will love helping to create their own treat! And you won’t be left feeling guilty for consuming your weight in chocolate over the long weekend!

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Almond Joy Energy Bites


Lately I’ve had a big sweet tooth by the time the afternoon rolls around. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep that leaves me needing an afternoon jolt of energy, or the fact that I’m chasing around my busy little boy, but either way this recipe is the solution. So instead of reaching for coffee, chocolate or processed sugar to fuel your body when your energy is low, Continue reading