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DIY Whitewashed Furniture

IMG_8653A couple months ago we decided it was time for a new bed so we sold our old bed along with all of our bedroom furniture. All my husband saw was an empty room, a bed and a tattered little bench. What I saw was a blank space, a luxurious new King sized bed, a staple furniture item and an urge to redecorate…. again! Check out our first bedroom makeover here.

This time I wanted to create a fresh and calming space that fit the rest of our beachy home decor. So over the course of a few weeks I lost myself amongst Pinterest and home design websites in need of some coastal design inspiration. I came across this Restoration Hardware bench and BAM! I immediately knew I wanted to refurnish our little bench. Continue reading


DIY Glider Chair Cover


It’s the weekend!! I’m not gonna lie…. it’s a little cloudy outside, my hubby is busy working on the garage and I am happily lounging in my pajama’s sipping some cold iced tea!

 My next nursery project reveal is the glider chair that we recovered. Continue reading


DIY Change Table


This change table has a funny little story behind it. Last summer (way before we started talking about trying to get pregnant) I was doing my rounds at the local thrift stores. As I was rummaging through the furniture section, I came across a change table….. for $10!!! Continue reading

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Inspiration to Creation

I was racking my brain today of what to post when I came across my Inspiration/Creation folder on my computer. In the folder I have tons of before and after pictures of projects that I have transformed with less than $10.00 and a bit of ingenuity. My ideas for transformations come from all different places. A spin on a craft I saw on Pinterest, crafts I see in magazines while waiting at the dentist, projects on a DIY show, furnished rooms in home decor stores, ideas I see at local craft stores…. or sometimes I just see something and right away I know all it needs is a Chelsey crafts-formation! That’s where the magic happens. So here are just a few of my latest Inspiration to Creation projects!

I came across these two frames at a thrift store for $2 each!! I loved the matting and the weathered shabby chic frames so I scooped them up. I wasn’t too crazy about the watercolor bathtubs though. I had seen many (expensive) vintage ocean pictures in local decor stores that I just drooled over so with the simple Google keyword search of “vintage ocean prints” I found some that I loved. Then all I did was print them off on a high quality ink jet printer and ta-da! Original beachy art work! They look great in our newly renovated bathroom!



I saw this chalkboard picture while browsing around the internet and loved the simplicity of it, so off to thrift stores I went. I found a plain frame, painted the outside white, painted the inside with chalkboard paint, drilled two holes for rope strings and abra-cadabra! My own look-a-like!



When we redecorated our living room I knew I wanted bright whites and natural colors to go with my beach theme. I loved the crisp white look of the end table above so off I went in search of a workable table. I found this table below at a thrift store for $5.00!! Does this hexagon end table bring back memories for anyone?! I swear almost everyone I knew had one at some point in their house. All it needed was a coat of paint and it was brought back to life!

white nightstand in the fun lane branches tulips slipcovered chairs[1]


I hope this motivates you to keep your creative eye open when browsing around, because you never know when you’ll be hit with craft inspiration! As of right now though… my inspiration is coming from a bag of kettle corn and a tall glass of milk! Couch here I come! See you all soon!

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~ Scott Adams