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DIY Nursing Cover


For the past year I have been faithfully posting every second day on my blog which has been a big commitment that I’m quite proud of! However with only 14 more days left until my due date, I’m officially feeling the weight (literally) of pregnancy. Continue reading


DIY Adjustable Crib Skirt

IMG_3722 - Copy

My next diy nursery project as my adjustable crib skirt. Oh little crib…… how I love looking at you knowing that in 5 short weeks you will be where my little one falls asleep….

When I was only 8 weeks pregnant, I was curious how much a crib cost so I started looking at stores and realized there was no way I was spending over $400 on a miniature size piece of furniture. So I started looking online at second hand cribs when I came across a beautiful white one for only $70.00! Continue reading


DIY Glider Chair Cover


It’s the weekend!! I’m not gonna lie…. it’s a little cloudy outside, my hubby is busy working on the garage and I am happily lounging in my pajama’s sipping some cold iced tea!

 My next nursery project reveal is the glider chair that we recovered. Continue reading

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DIY fabric wrapped canvas


It’s been my goal since October to post at least 3-4 days a week (except for when I’m on vacation) and so far I haven’t skipped a beat! Yeah me! Unfortunately, I would have posted this last night but my computer was going through bouts of epilepsy as my monitor kept going to sleep every five minutes. I had the patience of a toddler after a long work week so I decided I would be easier to ask my blog followers for forgiveness then my husband after I tossed the monitor out the window.

This one of my favourite diy projects, simply because it’s SUCH an inexpensive way to create an original piece of art. Continue reading