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Homemade Perogies


My girlfriend Lise and I had been all talk and no walk for months when we kept saying we wanted to make homemade cabbage rolls and perogies. Both recipes were easy, however they were both monotonous and time-consuming so we knew it would only be fun if we did it together. So finally one night we Continue reading

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Vegetarian Pad Thai


Happy Tuesday everyone! I would have posted this recipe last night but the thunderstorm knocked out our power. I don’t know what it is about a power outage that excites me but it gets me every time. Maybe it’s a combination of having to temporarily resort back to a Amish lifestyle or the fact that storms are a rare occurrence where we live (when they do happen, they usually last all of 10 minutes.) My hubby and I were organizing our filing cabinet and all of a sudden we found ourselves in the dark…… not what you’re thinking. Continue reading

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Yellow Thai Noodle Bowl


Regardless of the fact that it’s been over 35 degrees the past few days, I’ve been really enjoying spicy meals. I know this is probably not the best thing to combine with my increasingly bad pregnancy heartburn but I just can’t help myself. Continue reading

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Easy Stir-fry Sauce


TGIF! Although I’m posting a healthy recipe, I gotta admit that my Friday night prego dinner may look more like mac and cheese or pizza than veggies. I like to pick one day a week to have a cheat meal and tonight just might be that day, with a side of trashy t.v. and an extra helping of flannel pajama’s.

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Healthy Beef Stroganoff


I hope you are all having a great week! One more work day and it’s the long weekend!! I really hope the sun continues to shine so we can head out for at least one day of camping! Nothing is more relaxing to me then a weekend spent lounging by a lake with a good book. No traffic, no driving, no errands, no cleaning, just the sounds of nature and fresh air. There’s something about getting out of the city that seems to bring me back to a more relaxed, humble and happy state of mind. Less to do, no stress and some good ol’ fashioned camping food. Speaking of old-fashioned meals, this beef dish is a typical meat and potatoes kind of meal… Continue reading

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Warm Pasta Salad with Shrimp


Happy Saturday!! Oh how my Saturday’s have changed. It’s interesting how your life changes when you don’t drink anymore. By no means did I really drink much before, but our usual Friday or Saturday nights would consist of a restaurant patio, a glass of wine and appies. But with an alcohol-free lifestyle now, in combination with our home renovations starting up again, we are too beat by the end of the night to want to go out. So we’ve traded in the overpriced drink menus and greasy appies for our own patio, a cold beverage and some homemade grub. And I gotta admit, I don’t miss going out one bit. I’m more than excited to take my bike out for a ride tonight followed by some relaxing on our patio. I’m starting a new trend I think…. Girls gone Mild.

So if your staying in for the night as well and want a tasty and easy dinner, this pasta salad is a must! Continue reading