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Salmon Cakes with Tangy Lemon Dill Sauce


I will be the first to admit that fish is definitely not one of my favorite meals. I wouldn’t go as far to say I don’t like it, but never have I found myself desiring a piece of fish. Maybe it’s my lack of recipes for preparing it, or maybe it’s the fishy smell that lingers in my kitchen days after cooking it. However, this recipe fixes both those problems. Making salmon cakes always intimidated me, but these are simple to make and will leave your kitchen smelling amazing and your taste buds even happier. I love me a good sauce so maybe the fish in this recipe is just a vehicle to get this amazing and healthy lemon dill sauce into my belly. Either way I will be making these little patties of delight many more times over the summer! Enjoy!

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Quick and Easy Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls


I occasionally have days when I’m feeling quite domesticated and the idea of hand making perogies or cabbage rolls crosses my mind. Then I remember that fact that I don’t have six hours of extra time just kicking around and I’m not a Polish Iron Chef, so I browse for the next recipe. But once I realized that if I simply deconstructed (aka…. lazy man cooking) the cabbage rolls, I could make them in a fraction of the time, without skimping on any of the flavor. So here you are…. quick any easy unstuffed cabbage rolls. I served mine over rice but you can easily mix it right in with the recipe. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Malaysian Sweet Potatoe Stew

IMG_0796  Maybe your New Years Resolutions have faded a little, or maybe you just need a little more motivation to keep going. Either way, if you are searching for some more exciting healthy recipes, this is the perfect fit. With fresh ingredients and no shortage of flavor, this stew is sure to leave you Continue reading

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Perfect Sticky Sushi Rice

My hubby and I try to get out at least every two weeks for date night and usually when we do… sushi is on the menu. It is my fool proof choice for date night dining because you really can’t go wrong. Fresh ingredients, warm rice and wasabi is taste bud heaven.
But I always assumed it was a cuisine that was far above my skills in the kitchen, until my girlfriend showed me how easy it is to make! So for those nights when the perfect date sounds like your own comfy couch and pajama’s, become your own sushi chef! No oven, no baking, and very little dishes. As long as you have the right sticky rice to hold everything together, it’s easy peasy. When choosing our ingredients, we deep fried some yam sticks, and chopped fresh avocado, cucumbers, peppers and crab meat.
And as for the rolling papers, I ditched those a few rolls in and just rolled them by hand. If you can roll a sleeping bag you can roll a sushi roll! Continue reading


Homemade Frozen Dinners


TGIF! Even though I’m a stay at home mom I still really look forward to the weekends, because with my hubby’s help I actually get things accomplished. If you also like to use your weekends to check things off your to-do-list then add this to the roster. Baby on the way?! Company coming?! What’s not to love about feeling prepared as opposed to stressed? Continue reading