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DIY Jewelry Ideas

Hey guys! For those of you that enjoyed a long weekend, I hope it was fun! I had a great long weekend myself. I enjoyed dinner Friday night with some girlfriends on a lake side patio. Then Saturday my dad planned an entire day of surprises for me so that I could relax while my hubby hung out with our lil man all day. (Ill share that soon) Then Sunday I enjoyed the sunshine, followed by a backyard bbq around a campfire. To wrap up the weekend we spent yesterday afternoon with my brother and fiance going for a nice walk at the park. The weather was a little hit and miss all weekend, but I enjoy the rain just as much as the sun so I was happy either way.
Speaking of the rainy spring days, I thought I’d share some of my favorite DIY jewelry projects for a creative way to spend those rainy days. I have always had a love for costume jewelry, but what I love even more is inexpensive costume jewelry that you can make yourself!! These are great gift ideas because who doesn’t love receiving a one of a kind gift?! Enjoy!

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Exciting blog news!


Hey everyone!!! Like my caption says, this is a very exciting moment for me as a new blogger!! When I finally finished my nursery in the summer I personally was really happy with how it turned out. My friends and family were also very full of praises for how much they liked it, but would they have told me otherwise?! Haha after all…… I had decorated the whole room for under $300 with a lot of my own DIY projects so maybe they were just being nice and didn’t want to shatter my dream of being Martha Stewart.

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DIY double strand bracelet


Two more days until my due date!! I have been keeping myself busy this week and this was just one of my diy projects. It seems like layering bracelets, double strand bracelets, beaded bracelets and stacker bracelets are all the rage right now. But instead of buying name brand jewelry, paying for expensive beads or spending hours with a needle and thread I created this easy solution. A double strand bracelet made from tub chain!! Yup the traditional chain you buy at a hardware store for your bathtub plug. It cost me $4 for two strands and then I just used a black cord I happened to have in my craft supplies. I hummed and hawed about how to wrap the cord around the chain and finally used this basic bracelet weave. It took me less than 10 minutes to make and with all the different colored cords and yarn available there are endless color options!

You will need:

  • 2 separate chains (each one long enough to wrap around your wrist twice)
  • cotton, yarn, leather or plastic cord (enough to wrap around your wrist 8 times)

Fold your cord in half to find the center and tie a basic knot around both tub chains at the top.


Loop the right cord over both metal strands. Now lie the left cord straight overtop.


Tuck the left cord under the chains and up through the loop.


Pull both sides of the cord tight to secure the knot around the metal chain.


Repeat on the opposite side. This time loop the left cord overtop the chain. Now lie the right cord straight overtop.

IMG1369Tuck the right cord under the chains and up through the loop.

IMG1370 Pull both sides of the cord tight to secure the knot around the metal chain.


Continue this process back and forth all the way to the bottom of the chain leaving two of the metal beads empty at the bottom so you can fasten it closed properly. (If you forget which side you knotted last, just look at which cord is poking up and the opposite side will be the cord that you loop over the chain next)


I also added a little dab of super glue to the knot to make sure it doesn’t fray or come undone. So in under 10 minutes you can have you own custom double wrap bracelets for a fraction of the price that you pay in stores. Happy bracelet making!

If I had my way, I’d wear jewelry, a great pair of heels and nothing else. ~ Jada Smith


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DIY Nursing Cover


For the past year I have been faithfully posting every second day on my blog which has been a big commitment that I’m quite proud of! However with only 14 more days left until my due date, I’m officially feeling the weight (literally) of pregnancy. Continue reading


Nursery DIY Projects

IMG_3721 - Copy

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a great week so far! I’ve been praying for one more hot summer day this week so I can soak up some sun before the September long weekend rolls around. This cloudy weather is not welcome until after August….

I can’t believe how fast summer has gone by, that I go back to work next week, and that it’s almost September!! But most of all I can’t believe we are heading into my due date month!!!! Continue reading


Nursery Reveal!!

reveal - Copy

The last diy nursery project on the list is the 1960’s dresser that belonged to my dad as a kid. Unfortunately, it’ll be a little while before it’s finished and I can post it. When my hubby started sanding and stripping down the multiple layers of paint on the dresser we realized that two of the legs need to be rebuilt so currently it is in about 15 pieces. Since we are also in the midst of rebuilding our garage the dresser will have to wait. But the nursery reveal doesn’t….

Okay so here is my long-awaited reveal! Continue reading


DIY Adjustable Crib Skirt

IMG_3722 - Copy

My next diy nursery project as my adjustable crib skirt. Oh little crib…… how I love looking at you knowing that in 5 short weeks you will be where my little one falls asleep….

When I was only 8 weeks pregnant, I was curious how much a crib cost so I started looking at stores and realized there was no way I was spending over $400 on a miniature size piece of furniture. So I started looking online at second hand cribs when I came across a beautiful white one for only $70.00! Continue reading