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DIY Polka Dot Sweater


I don’t know whether it’s my never ending love for polka dots or that I was simply born in the wrong era when it comes to fashion. I could live in high waisted skirts, strappy halter tops, floppy sunhats, form fitting sundresses, polka dots, floral designs, shift dresses and stilettos. But since I clearly am not living in the 50’s, the only thing I can do is bring a little 50’s to my wardrobe. I always lean towards staple clothing items that I know will stand the test of time. I stick to neutral colors, solid materials and simple patterns so that I can incorporate the latest  fashion trends in the form of jewelry, scarves and others accessories. But I was getting pretty bored with some of my items so I decided to add a little love to them. First I decided to make a pair of heart stamped pattern pants that I absolutely LOVE. Check out the tutorial HERE. Next up, I decided to sacrifice one of my plain sweaters to the DIY gods. I made my own fabric paint and with a simple Q tip and some scrap cardboard I was ready to go. Continue reading

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DIY Heart Patterned Jeans


I heart these jeans! (get it…. heart=love. See what I did there?). These pants were the perfect addition to Valentines Day this year! I was organizing my closet and I came across an old pair of skinny jeans that were looking a little too loved. I was considering recoloring them but then my love for polka dots took over! What’s cuter than polka dots? Heart polka dots! Hearta dots? Anyways…. I couldn’t justify buying such a trendy item so I ended up DIYing them myself. Surprised?! I created my own fabric paint because I also didn’t want to spend extra money on fabric paint when I could use supplies that I already had. You can use denim jeans or any colored pants that you want to transform. The lighter the pant the more subtle the pattern depending how fashionable you are feeling. Using pastel colored pants would be soooo cute for spring!

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DIY Deer Silhouette T-Shirt


This fall/winter fashion is full of woodland inspired pieces that are natural, cozy and outdoorsy. Plaids, fur, leathers and seudes are lining the windows of most trendy stores and my favorite so far this year is anything deer related. I have added a great silver antler necklace to my collection this year but I wanted another deer print of some sort. I was snooping online and fell in love with this sweater. However I didn’t really want to spend over $30 on a sweater with Continue reading