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Salt Dough Starfish


It’s getting closer and closer to that time of year! 41 days if anyone is counting. When the smell of pine trees, candy canes and nutmeg dances through the air and the inside of your house starts to resemble a department store seasonal section. Christmas time!!! I can officially revel in the idea of this upcoming holiday with Halloween now behind us. I am left contemplating whether it is an appropriate time to start decorating or not and I believe the answer is yes. If Starbucks can change their cups then I can change my decor right?!

 Since my house is nautical inspired I wanted to make something that would tie into my existing decor as well as be suitable for Christmas. I have been seeing rustic ocean design everywhere in home decor stores so I figured it was time to create my own version. Continue reading

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DIY Clear Ornaments


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! My tree(s) have been decorated since the last week of November but I still can’t stop making ornaments throughout the holidays. Last year I went to Michaels and saw these great clear Christmas ornaments! You can purchase them in glass or plastic. The plastic ones are great to guarantee no broken ornaments when they are packed away or when your kids are grabbing at the tree. But let’s be honest, I buy them in plastic because I’m about as graceful as a hippo in ice skates when it comes to handling breakable items. (baby not included) Continue reading