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Bedroom Makeover #2

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I know what your thinking…. didn’t you just makeover your bedroom less than a year ago?! Yup I sure did. Please keep reading so that you understand the method behind my madness. This was our master bedroom when we first moved into our home. Read more about our renovation disaster story HERE.


Feast your eyes!! Ummm are you seeing the glamorous drapery?! Complete with hanging tassels and crushed velvet material. Four thoughts immediately come to mind.

1. 1970’s

2. Hugh Hefner

3. Years of Dust Collection

4. Outdated movie theatre

Needless to say…it needed some love. So here was our first bedroom makeover after our complete gut and reno. Although it was a huge improvement, I still had to decorate around our existing dark furniture which I really wasn’t in love with. I used masculine colors and did my best with what we had.


But this past winter we finally decided it was time for a new mattress. Since we wanted to upgrade to a kingsize bed, it meant that everything had to go. Ohhh shucks! So after buying our new GLORIOUS bed we were left with an empty room with no furniture except for our bed. Time to redecorate!! I had a completely blank space to work with so I could finally design our room exactly how I wanted to with new furniture, bedding and decor. With natural textures, neutral colors and a coastal theme throughout the rest of our house I wanted our bedroom to match. We have large bay windows with incredible natural light so I wanted to add to that breezy feeling with light toned furniture.







My hubby built the reclaimed wood headboard (check out the DIY tutorial HERE)

The bench was simply white washed. (Check out my DIY whitewashing tutorial HERE)

We got the amazing solid wood nightstands from IKEA (I want to resurface the door fronts one day).

The starburst mirror I made (check out my DIY starburst mirror tutorial HERE)

And the duvet bedding set I also found at IKEA for a steal compared to most bedding prices.

I originally had my eye of this grey and white striped duvet cover from West Elm.

However, I wasn’t sure I wanted to commit to such a big bold pattern. You know me…. the simpler and less trendy the better. I was torn between all white bedding and stripes so this was the PERFECT combination! And yes I am aware that the bedding is wrinkly. Come on… I rarely iron my clothes, let alone my bedding.


So there you have it. My final bedroom makeover! I still need to find a simple bed skirt but other than that it’s complete. I always loved our bedroom but now it is my sanctuary at the end of a long day. The only downside is that I am so spoiled with our new bed that resort mattresses can’t hold a candle to our luxurious sleep palace anymore. Ah well. And the best part about all of this? The headboard was built from free wood, the bench was simply refinished, the nightstands were only $99 each and the bedding was $49. So I did this entire room for $250.00!!!

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. ~ Steve Jobs


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