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DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboard

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Last summer my sister and I got our hands on some gorgeous and FREE reclaimed wood! I stored it away in the hopes that one day I would have my dream headboard. Then a couple of months ago we finally decided it was time for a new bed! Since we knew we would upgrade to a king size, we sold everything online. Our nightstands, bed frame, mattress and box spring all found a new home and our room was empty (except for our magnificent new bed).

Our old bedroom furniture was very dark, modern and masculine. I love light, natural colors and textures so I desperately wanted a change. It was finally time to recruit my handyman hubby to help me do all the work. After many specific instructions and less than 48 hours, my headboard was complete. Heck I can barely assemble a Jenga game, let alone create a flawless furniture item from old wood. But he did it and I love it. I just took pictures and watched in awe as it all came together.

Measure and build a basic king size frame.


This was the original length of each piece of wood so there was no cutting, just screwing the wood to the frame.

Attach three pieces of wood around the edges to cover the three horizontal boards.


Finish trimming around the edges with more reclaimed wood so the cut sides are hidden.


I absolutely love how it turned out, and it is exactly what I had imagined in my head! It fits into the rest of our beachy home decor and the grey distressed color of the wood ties in perfectly to our paint colors.


I’ll be sharing my finished before and after bedroom makeover pictures, so check back soon!

Create with the heart, build with the mind ~ Criss Jami


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