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DIY Whitewashed Furniture

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IMG_8653A couple months ago we decided it was time for a new bed so we sold our old bed along with all of our bedroom furniture. All my husband saw was an empty room, a bed and a tattered little bench. What I saw was a blank space, a luxurious new King sized bed, a staple furniture item and an urge to redecorate…. again! Check out our first bedroom makeover here.

This time I wanted to create a fresh and calming space that fit the rest of our beachy home decor. So over the course of a few weeks I lost myself amongst Pinterest and home design websites in need of some coastal design inspiration. I came across this Restoration Hardware bench and BAM! I immediately knew I wanted to refurnish our little bench.

But first I thought I’d just double check my wallet. Nope, surprisingly I didn’t find $1720.00 sitting in my change pocket to buy the bench from RH so I had no choice but to try whitewashing the one we had. It was a garage sale find to begin with, so worse care scenario I would be out a bench and $30 if things went sideways. We happened to have some leftover white stain from painting our fences so I used that. (I had no idea that STAIN came in any other color than dark browns… who knew?!) I quickly cleaned my bench with some non toxic TSP (or dish soap and water), lightly sanded my bench and I was ready to go. I simply dipped my brush in the white stain, painted over the wood and rubbed/wiped off the extra with a dry towel.
This was the bench before. With our old bedroom I liked the addition of this rustic brown but with a new airy bedroom I needed to breathe some life back into this bench.


I am in LOVE with this distressed coastal bench!!

There are several ways to get this white washed look. A dry brushing technique is when you take undiluted (full strength) white paint, dip your brush very carefully into a very SMALL amount of paint and brush lightly and evenly over the wood. This technique takes more finesse and can be very difficult to avoid heavy streaking or uneven color. The other method is taking regular white paint and diluting it to 1:1 ratio of water and paint and painting evenly over the wood. This method (very similar to what I did) allows for you to be able to rub off any heavy streaking if you accidentally put too much on. The last option is painting your furniture with a light coat of white paint, allowing it to dry and then sanding off the desired amount. I personally loved the method I used because I was able to very quickly transform this piece. And with a dry towel I was able to work the stain into all the edges, knots and corners and easily could remove any oops’s with a simple rub of the towel.

Next step was to design a new headboard! Check back soon!


We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.~ Alfred Newman


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