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DIY Dresser Re-cycle

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Well hello Friday! Seriously how is it already June and how is my little man already 8 and a half months?! Does anyone else feel like this year is cruising by without their permission. With reno’s still underway at our house and the beautiful sunshine calling my name, I have been feeling far from crafty lately. Moving into a new house two years ago brought on many new DIY projects; and then with the addition of a new baby, I was a crafting maniac getting the nursery ready. But with a fully decorated house now and no need for new decor I am at a stand still. However, I always have DIY projects pending. I’m just waiting for the time (does this ever happen with a new baby?) and I’m waiting for the motivation.

So far I have some old reclaimed wood that’s waiting to become our new bedroom headboard, some canvases that are dying to be painted, and three dressers that are yearning to be re-finished. One for the nursery, one for our patio bar and one to become our new tv stand. Which is where this diy project comes into play! I absolutely love the idea of using an old dresser as a tv stand vs outdated entertainment units. With walk-in closets now becoming a staple in modern homes, dressers are more and more rare in master bedrooms. So re-purposing it for the living room creates great storage, and adds character to a room instead of tacky electronic housing. With all these great color options and dresser designs the possibilities are endless. I have a simple 6 drawer dresser than I want to refinish in a modern crisp white to tie into the rest of our beach themed house. But in the meantime I will simply drool over these unique pieces!


Nice way to help TV blend into the space – black and white gallery wall. I also love the tv stand – looks like a dresser. This might work out better than my tv stand..








take out the top drawers and make a shelf in the dresser. perfect for a tv stand. by Kristina22


Old is the new new ~ Author Unknown

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