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Diy T-Shirt Refashion

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With the flowers blooming and the sun shining I know spring and summer are on their way! It’ll be short and tank top weather in no time, so this is the perfect diy for those rainy spring days.

We all know that I LOVE thrifting. I have no idea when it started but at some point I found myself unable to resist those moth-ball-smelling-musty-old-alley-way-thrift-stores where ever I went. When my dad and I went to Victoria for a little dad/daughter road trip a couple years ago I could not believe how many trendy vintage second hand stores there were! I was in heaven, except that we were travelling on a road bike so there was not much room for new purchases. But I made do… and my dad patiently sat outside the stores in the sun while I rummaged through the seemingly endless bargains.  Not only are the prices waaayy more affordable, but you can often find the same name brands for a fraction of the cost. Like my BCBG purse (with the tags still on) that I got for $2, or the Guess dress I found for $5 or the Bench jacket I paid $2.50 for. SCORE!!

But personally, my favorite part is finding completely unique pieces that I know I won’t see on anyone else wearing. However, sometimes in my travels I come across clothes I love that are too big, don’t quite fit, or in this case, made for a man. Haha. That didn’t stop me, because I knew that with a few strategic snips of my scissors and a couple new seams I could refashion this boring men’s t-shirt into a cute little vintage style tank. This is a great diy for a workout tank or with some skinny jeans and flip flops it’s just my style.

Just trim off the access fabric and sleeves and sew up the sides of your new tank!


So if you come across a shirt that you love the design of, or if you prefer wearing your boyfriends clothes sans the bag lady look, this is the perfect diy.

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Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. ~ Oscar Wilde


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