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My New Baby Essentials

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As a new mom I was overwhelmed with what products to use, which products to avoid and which products I needed. Frankly my only concern at first was keeping him alive and trying to stay sane while doing so. If I was lucky enough to get out of the house in the first few weeks, wandering like a deer in headlights through the baby product aisles wasn’t my idea of an enjoyable afternoon. After many insomniac nights spent reading online reviews on products and many conversations with other moms and friends and family I found these great products. These are my top favorite products that we have tried and love!

Side Note:
I was a little apprehensive at first about using a pacifier but I also didn’t want to become a 24 hour human pacifier since our little man needed extra non-nutritive sucking and mommies boobies needed a break sometimes. I was scared about creating nipple confusion because I originally thought it meant that your baby wouldn’t breastfeed after receiving a pacifier or bottle. I now know that nipple confusion simply means that babies learn different latches depending on what they are sucking on. The problem with regular pacifier’s is that a baby can use a much shallower latch on them and can start to latch shallow when breastfeeding as well. Insert painful nursing and fussy baby. So if you use a newborn pacifier and you shouldn’t have any problems at all! Same goes with introducing a bottle. We just made sure to buy the right shaped nipple for the bottle and he was drinking bottled breast milk within the first month. (Most babies are more likely to take the bottle if introduced within the first 4-6 weeks as opposed to waiting later)

We were just using the newborn pacifier that the hospital gave us until we got this amazing pacifier from my girlfriends in-laws! We weren’t sure about the attached stuffed animal at first but quickly learned that we could tuck it in his swaddle, lie it on top of his chest or under the blankets in his car seat so it wasn’t constantly falling out. And now that he can grab things, it is much easier for him to pop it back in himself if when he tosses it aside.


For his delicate newborn skin we didn’t use any soaps, washes or lotions for the first month and a half. Just plain old H2O baths and some coconut oil for moisture. Then after a while we started to occasionally use natural products free of harsh chemicals, parabens or toxic synthetic chemicals. That’s where we were introduced to Wedela. The products are completely natural and smell amazing!!

Weleda Baby Products

The close second was:

Live Clean Bath Products

But in the cold and very dry winter months I started noticing that he was getting rough patches on his cheeks and along his eyebrows no matter how much coconut oil I used. So then I tried olive oil, then non-petroleum jelly, and finally the natural baby creams and lotions but nothing seemed to be working. Then I came across this aromatherapy balm made from natural essential oils. It worked amazing! Within days his dry skin was gone and his smooth cheeks were back.

Owee Magic

And for those rough days with stomach discomfort or teething I went and found these great homeopathic and natural solutions from the local health food store.

Hylands Baby Teething Tablets


This tea was a HUGE help when it came to getting my milk in faster in the first few days. Milk usually takes 3-5 days to come in but with a cesarean surgery it can be delayed even longer. (An extra stress that you don’t need)  So this natural remedy worked amazing and my milk took only 3 1/2 days to come in. I like it so much that I continue to drink it regularly when I feel like my milk is getting low. Most health foods stores should this or some brand comparable.

And lastly make sure you baby gets a daily dose of Vitamin D drops. There are soooo many things to remember as a first time mom so I am so thankful for having friends and family to get suggestions from on their favorite products. I hope some of these work for you!

A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it. ~ Frank A. Clark.


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