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DIY Baby Shoes

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Hey everyone!! I just realized that it’s been a while since I posted a DIY! Tisk tisk Chelsey. But with my little man loving all my attention lately I’ve happily put crafting on hold to spend time with him….but when I do have time…. I make shoes. So here is my latest craft! Are you surprised that it’s related to babies….haha.

 Our little guy was born with rather large little footsies so we had to skip all his newborn shoes and jump straight into 3-6 months sizes and his collection grew quickly. But I just love this DIY soooo much so I made these for a friend. They are a great baby shower gift because who doesn’t love the idea of receiving a personalized handmade present!?

After scouring the internet for just the right pattern I found this tutorial here. And the best part was that they cost me nothing! I had some thick and fuzzy 100% wool fabric in my craft supplies, the soles were from an old leather jacket I purchased from a thrift store and last but not least….. since I have a little massive obsession with buttons I had more than enough to choose from! All you need for this craft is some fabric of your choice for the shoe as well as the sole and a few buttons. Then grab your sewing machine and you’ll have a cute pair of shoes in no time!

I cut out my pattern for the shoe and the sole. I skipped the first few steps of the original tutorial since I didn’t have to double the fabric at all.


I placed the shoe fabric on top of the sole (right sides facing in) and pinned into place. I sewed around the entire edge and trimmed away the access fabric (optional)


Then I flipped the shoes right side out, added velcro to secure the flap down and I was ready for the buttons!

013 - Copy - Copy

That’s all!! I loved how they turned out and there are so many great fabrics you can ‘shoes from…. haha get it?! You can make them ultra masculine with dark stripes and colors or super feminine with floral fabric and lace trim or little bow embellishments instead of buttons! I would love to see what you come up with!!

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