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Exciting blog news!



Hey everyone!!! Like my caption says, this is a very exciting moment for me as a new blogger!! When I finally finished my nursery in the summer I personally was really happy with how it turned out. My friends and family were also very full of praises for how much they liked it, but would they have told me otherwise?! Haha after all…… I had decorated the whole room for under $300 with a lot of my own DIY projects so maybe they were just being nice and didn’t want to shatter my dream of being Martha Stewart.

But then I got approached by Parents magazine. They asked if they could feature our nursery on their website!! I was thrilled! It’s one thing to be featured in a local magazine but a NATIONAL Canadian magazine was a whole different level of accomplishment! So of course I said yes! And now our nautical nursery is featured several times on their website for different aspects of the decor so check it out here!! Or if your feeling crafty and want the full meal deal of how I made all my diy nursery projects check out my  post here. 

Not too shabby considering I don’t have the same pocketbook as celebrity mom’s or the luxury to hire an interior decorator/designer. I did have a very sexy handy man though who did all the grunt work of sanding and painting the furniture. Thanks hubby! Who said being frugal doesn’t have it’s benefits?! Now when Hunter grows up I can tell him that whether he liked his nursery or not…. it was famous on the internet in it’s time. Move aside Northwest, Blue Ivy and Apple, you’re not the only babies with a nice nursery.

By sowing frugality we reap liberty, a golden harvest. ~ Agesilaus


Author: Domestic Ingenuity

I am a DIY-ing, crafting, thrifting, baking, sewing, cooking, deal-loving gal with too much energy and a love for creating.

8 thoughts on “Exciting blog news!

  1. This is awesome and I actually received it in my parents news letter as well! You and your hubby deserve every bit of that. It turned out fabulous!

  2. So exciting!! It deserves to be in a lot of magazines and websites!!

  3. Good for you, good for both of you as it was a combined effort, which is the best kind. I personally felt very calm in Hunter’s room. He will sleep well in that cute little room. Congratulations, on your Parents project, Chelsey and Mike, way to go.

  4. Congrats! You deserve it. Your nursery is gorgeous!

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