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Nursery Reveal!!


reveal - Copy

The last diy nursery project on the list is the 1960’s dresser that belonged to my dad as a kid. Unfortunately, it’ll be a little while before it’s finished and I can post it. When my hubby started sanding and stripping down the multiple layers of paint on the dresser we realized that two of the legs need to be rebuilt so currently it is in about 15 pieces. Since we are also in the midst of rebuilding our garage the dresser will have to wait. But the nursery reveal doesn’t….

Okay so here is my long-awaited reveal! First a little back story. We bought our house last summer and have been doing renovations ever since. First we painted the house, changed all the light fixtures and tore down all the nasty curtains. Then we did a full renovation of our master bedroom followed by a renovation of our main bathroom. Then we found out we were pregnant so I was so excited to start the nursery! As we renovated and decorated the other rooms in our house we had to take into consideration the existing furniture we were going to put in them. But with the nursery I had a blank canvas to start from!! And an ugly one at that…..see for yourself….


The rest of our house has a beachy coastal feel, so I always knew I wanted a nautical themed nursery. I wanted the room feel like part of the house and not an explosion of pink butterflies or blue dinosaurs, so I started brainstorming gender neutral ideas. I wanted a room that our child can grow into, not out of. They say inspiration can come from anywhere…. and mine came from eyeshadow. haha  I just loved the colors!


At the time we didn’t know the gender of our baby so I just left out the teal color and stuck with neutral tones. (When we found out we were having a boy I knew the teal would be perfect for accent pieces) Once we had a rough idea of the colors we liked, I needed to decide on what colors were going where. We needed to pick the carpet color and the paint color. I wanted one wall to be different, but I couldn’t decide on a solid colored feature wall, stenciled wall, or a patterned wall until I saw this wall. I instantly knew it would be the perfect nautical touch.


My mind was made up that I wanted a striped grey and white wall. I didn’t love the brown carpet in the picture though, so we chose an ash grey carpet to complete the monochromatic look.  After we had the walls and flooring picked I started looked for inspiration for decor ideas. I fell in love with the natural textures in this entry way.

So I decided I would decorate with natural textures like driftwood, canvas, wicker, weathered wood and metallic pieces. These are some of my decor inspirations.

Industrial lamp ($250.00)


My lamp from a garage sale for $5! (My hubby and I had our first date at the drive-in theatre, so when I came across this retro alarm clock on a trip with my dad I made him fit it on the bike to take home with me. It was only $7!)


Sailboat ($75.00)


My sailboat that we found in San Francisco at a vintage store for $6!


Vintage wooden horse ($149.00)


Thanks to a local thrift store I found this little horse for $2!!


No pun intended by my mom always tells me I have horseshoes up my …… bum when it comes to finding exactly what I’m looking for. So slowly but surely all the furniture pieces, diy projects, art work and decor came together and started filling our nursery until finally it was complete! Hope you like it!




Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style ~ Billy Baldwin 


Author: Domestic Ingenuity

I am a DIY-ing, crafting, thrifting, baking, sewing, cooking, deal-loving gal with too much energy and a love for creating.

10 thoughts on “Nursery Reveal!!

  1. the room is so perfect… everything about it allows your son to grow into it as years pass with a few changes.. my only question would be What were those paint colors used.. I’m afraid of always getting to dark of a shade when seeing something online

  2. Love the grey shade. So soothing and fresh-looking, yet sophisticated!

  3. It has a cool clean fresh feel. I could have a nap in here. Pink has always kept me awake. Looks like you two should move to the coast where even the sky would match your decor. Cheers to you Chels, & Mike that the next month is an easy transition into your new family life.

    • Awww thanks so much Bobbi. Yeah I have always loved the ocean…. so my decor is my attempt to feel a little closer to the sea. Next time you visit you will get to see the nursery AND the baby in person!

  4. it is so beautiful!! Great job

  5. Love the nursery! You did a great job of pulling off the nautical theme without it looking overdone. I can’t believe the thrifty deals you got!

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