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DIY Adjustable Crib Skirt


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My next diy nursery project as my adjustable crib skirt. Oh little crib…… how I love looking at you knowing that in 5 short weeks you will be where my little one falls asleep….

When I was only 8 weeks pregnant, I was curious how much a crib cost so I started looking at stores and realized there was no way I was spending over $400 on a miniature size piece of furniture. So I started looking online at second hand cribs when I came across a beautiful white one for only $70.00!  It was only three years old, purchased from Toys R Us and met all the safety requirements, so how could I turn that down?! It was also a convertible crib so the mattress lowers as baby grows, then the front piece comes off to make a day bed and eventually the back piece can be used as the headboard to a single bed. Three beds in one!


Since the newborn position of the mattress is quite high, I wanted a crib skirt to hide underneath the crib, add a cozier look and possibly hide what I may store underneath the crib one day. We didn’t know the gender at the time, and because our nursery would be gender neutral anyways, I loved the simplicity of this white crib skirt with no ruffles, pleats, lace or frills.


But me pay over $140 for a crib skirt?!  Bahaha. Plus I needed an adjustable crib skirt. If I were to lower the mattress, a regular store-bought crib skirt would just drag on the floor. So after racking my brain on how to achieve this I had an idea! Why not sew three separate fabric panels and pin them to the board underneath the mattress?! That way I can readjust as often as I need to with no cutting, sewing or cursing. Here’s how easy it is!

Step 1 Measure the length of the front of the crib. Mine was 52 inches across. Then measure the height from the floor to the mattress (at the highest position) Mine was 17 inches but since I would be overlapping and pinning the material underneath the mattress I would need it to be 19 inches high.  Next measure the length of the side of the crib. Mine was 25 inches across and the same 19 inches high.

IMG_3665 - Copy

Step 2 Figure out your hem allowances. I wanted a thick 2″ hem along the bottom and top of each panel and a 1″ hem on the sides of each panel. For my front panel measurements of 19″ X 52″ I cut the material 23″ X 54″. And for the side panel measurements of 19″ X 25 inches I cut each piece 23″ X 27″. Sew all your hems. (I surged the edges around all my fabric so all I had to do was fold over once and sew) This is what my three pieces looked like once everything was sewn.



Step 4  With simple thumbtacks from the hardware store (I chose white) attach the side panels to the wooden plank under the mattress and then attach the front panel over top.



Step 5 Flip your mattress back down and you’re done!!

I wanted to add a personal touch so with a stencil and some crafters paint I painted on the word love. Easy peasy!


I love how this crib skirt grows with the crib and only take 5 minutes to readjust when needed! But the best part was that this crib skirt cost me….. NOTHING!!! I was in the middle of hemming my curtains in my craft room when I realized that the amount of material I was cutting off would be more than enough material to use for the skirt. How that for ingenuity!?! Happy diy’ing!!

The way to wealth depends on just two words, industry and frugality. -Benjamin Franklin

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Author: Domestic Ingenuity

I am a DIY-ing, crafting, thrifting, baking, sewing, cooking, deal-loving gal with too much energy and a love for creating.

2 thoughts on “DIY Adjustable Crib Skirt

  1. i’d love the idea of instead of buying a new material, you’ve make used of the extra cloth from your curtains.
    creativity and less cost!!! you just pointed out yourself of being a ready mommy :)
    I’ve read a lot of making a skirt for a crib but it makes me hard when it comes on sewing part, what if the crib has no wooden part to put a thumbtacks? any suggestion?

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