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DIY Change Table



This change table has a funny little story behind it. Last summer (way before we started talking about trying to get pregnant) I was doing my rounds at the local thrift stores. As I was rummaging through the furniture section, I came across a change table….. for $10!!!  I can’t pass up deals like that! Change tables can be a fortune! My first thought was “I will eventually need this or a close friend might need this or if all else fails and I don’t personally know any babies on the way…. I will re-finish it and sell it”. I thought maybe my blood sugar was running low and that I was getting a little delusional but something in me needed to buy it. A few coats of paint and it would be beautiful! So I called my hubby.

“Hey sweetie…..uhhh I need you to bring your truck down to the thrift store after work to pick up some furniture”.

 “Chels we have enough furniture…. what is it that we just NEED to have so badly?”

“Uhhhh it’s a surprise….you’ll see when you get here! CLICK. “

So after work we met at the thrift store and as he was backing up the truck I started lugging this change table across the parking lot. For those of you that don’t know my husband…. he wanted to have kids the second he put a ring on my finger. If men could bare children I’m sure we would put “16 kids and counting” to shame by now….. but luckily I have some say in the matter and he knew I wanted to wait a bit longer. So, as I came within clear sight of his truck and he realized what I was actually carrying…. I saw a brief sparkle in his eye. He couldn’t say no to this purchase….. after all…. this little assembly of wood and nails could mean he was one step closer to being a dad. So he hoisted that thing into his truck and strapped it in faster than a hog -tying competition at a county fair.

Then winter came, we found out we were pregnant and out came the change table! I totally would have done all the work but I was pregnant and shouldn’t be painting right?!….wink wink. So my job was to decid what color to paint it. I loved the clean crisp look of this white change table with the pop of color in the baskets. However, that would be the day that I would spent $650 on a change table! Let alone how expensive all the accessories would be.


So we dug out my $10 beauty!


Needless to say…. it needed a little love. This is where a great handyman hubby comes in. He completely took apart the change table, sanded it down, patched up the holes, fixed the broken pieces, replaced the bolts and painted it white. I LOVED IT!


Then I waited for the teal suede boxes I wanted to go on sale (originally 12.99 each) and I scooped up four of them for only $4.99 each (at London Drugs). SCORE! So for a total of $30 I had my dream change table complete with storage boxes, compared to over $700! Ahhhh another great day of savings! Thanks hubby!


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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Author: Domestic Ingenuity

I am a DIY-ing, crafting, thrifting, baking, sewing, cooking, deal-loving gal with too much energy and a love for creating.

4 thoughts on “DIY Change Table

  1. Somehow the Universe has a way of knowing what you need before you even do. It looks great! Congrats.

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