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DIY Nursery Gallery Wall



In our nursery we painted a fun feature wall so there was only one other large bare wall left where I could do something really creative with. I love the idea of gallery walls, as you might remember from my diy wedding gallery wall. So it was just a matter of when and where I would find all my art pieces for this gallery.
I knew it was going to be coastal themed so at least I had a rough idea of the look I was going for. I also knew the color palette and textures I wanted to decorate the nursery with as well.  I was inspired by this large living room gallery wall I saw online. (I didn’t necessarily like all the animal prints, it was strictly the colors and contrasting images I was drawn too.)


So I started keeping my eyes peeled for anything and everything that I could transform or diy for my gallery wall. I also like non traditional pieces instead of everything being a picture frame. My first find was this seagull piece. I found him on our road trip to California at a little thrift store in Tillamook, Oregon. He was only $6 so he joined us for the rest of our road trip.


The next stop on our road trip was Medford, Oregon which is where I found the sailboat picture in the middle of the gallery wall. ( I forgot to take a picture) It was in a clearance section for only $11 so in my trunk it went!

Finally at our farthest destination in Sacramento, California I found this funky weathered eye chart. I loved the quote and the fact that it was also clearance for only $10! Start the car! It was a steal. My poor hubby was subject to repacking the car every time I found another art piece that we needed to find room for. But he knows that once I have a vision…. or a deal…there is no stopping me.


Once I came home I started peeking around local thrift stores. I found this awesome lake sign for only $2! I took it home, drilled some holes in each side and tied on some rope. Then I dug up my old vintage door knob that I took from an old abandoned cabin on one of our camping trips.


A couple weeks later, I came across a thick wooden picture frame thrifted for only $1. I took it home, painted it cream to match the eye chart and weathered it. To further match the eye chart theme I typed this cute alphabet image with the teal color to match the sailboat picture and printed it off.


I was also in search of a metallic frame and found this one for $1 at a garage sale. Instead of paying for a print, I just Google searched some whale images and printed off the one I wanted. I cut out the part of the picture I liked, and used scrap booking brads (metal studs) in the corners to attach the image to an old piece of canvas fabric that I had.


As I found each of these art pieces I would lie them out on the  nursery floor and constantly rearrange them until I figured out what looked right and what colors or sizes I still needed to find. For the final touch I still needed a small square shape. One afternoon as I walked down my hall past my wedding gallery wall I saw the chunk of wood that I had painted white and attached my diy wedding cake topper too. So I took off the topper and into the nursery it came. I was racking my brain to think of what I could make a monogram letter with until I peeked over at my whale mobile. Driftwood! So some hot glue and some more metal studs and wa-la!



Of course I couldn’t leave an empty spot on our wedding gallery wall so I printed off a vintage map of Mexico and added a small heart to where we got married. Then I bought a cheap shadow box and gave my diy wedding cake topper a new home.


Anyways…. once I knew what pictures I wanted where, I traced each shape onto wrapping paper and attached them to the wall to make sure I liked the layout.


Then my hubby started hanging all the pictures!!!


I am so happy with my gallery wall! The best part is that three of the pieces I made myself, and the other pieces are from our first official ‘family’ road trip when I was only three months pregnant. So every time I walk by this wall I’m reminded of how much freekin’ money I saved our special trip. In total this wall cost me $31. I would have maybe been able to buy one small picture at a decor store for that price if I was lucky.

So if you`re thinking about creating a gallery wall, don`t limit your ideas to expensive art work or costly prints. With internet images, a printer, cheap frames, thrift store finds and random art you are closer than you think to a custom gallery wall! Happy crafting!

True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist. – Albert Einstein

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I am a DIY-ing, crafting, thrifting, baking, sewing, cooking, deal-loving gal with too much energy and a love for creating.

2 thoughts on “DIY Nursery Gallery Wall

  1. This looks awesome! I love the nautical theme. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the projects and the whole nursery when it’s finished!

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