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DIY Stuffed Animal

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It’s diy’s like these that leave me wondering if I’m 27 years old or 87 years old. Who sews stuffed animals anymore?! My justification is that it’s a mixture of my summer holidays, no work, and the nesting stage that leaves me wanting every last detail taken care of. Either that or I need to be checking myself into knitting classes and seniors dances pretty soon.

Our nursery is the first room in our house that was completely renovated, decorated and created exactly how I envisioned and I love it! I still have to re-upholster my glider chair and my hubby is re-finishing an old dresser so the reveal is still yet to come. But in the meantime I will be slowly posting all the diy projects that went into the room. Every single piece of furniture in the nursery has been thrifted and re-purposed and all the decor is either thrifted or diy’ed, so it hasn’t cost us much at all.

 The other day I was looking at the empty crib and I realized that I wanted a little grey crab for our soon-to-be-son to snuggle with. Unfortunately I didn’t follow a tutorial or make one myself but there are plenty of tutorials on the internet depending on the type of stuffed animal you want. I just used an old throw blanket for fabric and cut out the shapes I wanted.


1. I sewed the pincher legs (leaving an opening) turned them right side out and stuffed them

2. I sewed the remaining legs and turned them right side out (no stuffing)

3. I used a small zigzag stitch to attach the felt circle eyes and then added some buttons

4. I turned the body right side in, pinned on all the legs and then sewed around the body (leaving an opening)

5. I stuffed the body of the crab and hand stitched the opening closed.

There is also a little teal heart sewn on the belly of the crab but I forgot to take a picture of it. All in all, I was pretty impressed with myself considering that I didn’t follow a tutorial or use a pattern and I’ve never sewn a stuffy before. I figured it never hurts to try something new! I just really wanted to add a personal touch to my child’s collection of toys and hopefully one day when I am 87, I’ll look back and remember my first hand sewn little critter. Happy diy’ing!

You cannot teach a crab to walk straight. ~ Aristophanes

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