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Pregnany Cravings



Oooohhh the age old question: “So what are your pregnancy cravings?” Let’s just start by saying that I’m writing this only from my own personal experience, so if you’re eating a Big Mac and Kit Kat every day of your pregnancy then read no further.  I personally don’t have any cravings because I don’t really believe there is such a thing as pregnancy cravings. Sure there’s the exception that if you hadn’t touched mustard since childhood and now find yourself squirting it over your cereal….well that’s a different story. But if you look up the meaning of the word craving you will find this:

A powerful desire for something.

So a craving is only a desire for something, it’s not a need.  But so many women get stuck during pregnancy using it as an excuse to eat unhealthy because they feel it’s justified as a pregnancy craving and it’s out of their control. But unfortunately,  it is in your control.  Whether you are male or female, pregnant or not, we all crave things. Who doesn’t love the idea of waffles for breakfast, pizza for lunch, fried perogies for dinner and cheesecake for dessert?! Cravings are normal…. but whether you give into them or not, that’s simple willpower.
Sadly, I think it’s much harder now-a-days because there is such a huge variety of snacks that are over-processed, deep fried, sodium packed and just stinkin’ unhealthy. Decades ago women had less options…. they had the basic five food groups. So if their body needed carbs they would crave bread or potatoes. If their body needed sugar they would reach for an apple or berries. If their body needed calcium they would want more milk or cheese. But now-a-days if our bodies need carbs… well hello twinkies and muffins. Sugar? Insert frappuccinos and candy bars. Dairy? Ice cream and cheesy nachos please. So pay attention to what your body might be telling you it needs, instead of giving into your first desire for junk food.
I’ve always been really passionate about fitness and healthy eating so I’ve never enjoyed eating a lot of unhealthy food. Yes I eat cookies, pizza, ice cream and fast food, but all in moderation. So I didn’t see how growing a little human was going to leave me running for the fastest drive thru lineup wearing an extra large moo-moo. I enjoy taking care of my body, but I don’t diet, I don’t deprive myself and I’ve always eaten A LOT…. I just eat a lot of good food.
Sure there were a couple weeks in my early pregnancy where I thought “All systems go…. I’m prego! Find me a bacon stuffed donut covered in chocolate” but after eating junk I felt gross physically and mentally AND I knew it wasn’t the best nutrition for the baby. As a pregnant women you’re already going to experience so many physical changes to your body in such a short time. These inevitable changes may not be so welcome either, so why add to the hardship of self acceptance and confidence by packing on more weight than you need to?! I see too many women happily indulging throughout their entire pregnancy only to find themselves miserable and unhappy post baby. Isn’t there enough stress as a new mom to maintain a clean house, a stocked fridge, a beautiful mommy glow and to top it off….be back to your skinny jeans?! You don’t need to add any more pressure by feeling obligated to eat celery and lettuce post-baby in order to lose the extra, extra 40 pounds thanks to those crispy fries and milkshakes.
So my advice. If you normally treat yourself to 3 pieces of pizza on the occasional pizza night, then by all means, take that 4th slice for the baby but there’s no need to polish off the whole pizza. And if you are having a craving….. and it’s exactly that…. just something you really really really really really want…. find a healthy alternative or be portion smart. If you want ice cream, reach for a yogurt popsicle. If you want chips, have a small bowl of baked chips. If you really want a cinnamon bun, make yourself a piece of whole wheat toast with cinnamon and sugar. It’s all about moderation and it always should be, so don’t deprive yourself and don’t over indulge. You’ll not only be happier with yourself during your pregnancy but you’ll be much happier afterwards!  Happy Baby Growing!
“To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself.” ~ Simone de Beauvoir

Author: Domestic Ingenuity

I am a DIY-ing, crafting, thrifting, baking, sewing, cooking, deal-loving gal with too much energy and a love for creating.

2 thoughts on “Pregnany Cravings

  1. I’ve had a few odd cravings…and like you, most of them were during the first few months. Hubby still makes funny faces at things I eat (like yesterday: cream cheese & grape jelly sandwich…) but over all I do try to eat things that aren’t terribly bad for me. I have found that I don’t crave sweets too often so that’s been nice. :)

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

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