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DIY Flower Stamp


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Why hello all my fellow readers! I hope you are all having a great week! Since it’s been wacky weather here the last couple days with freak thunder showers and rain I have been hibernating inside re-organizing my craft room….. again! When I came across the pictures of this diy I had recently done, I had to share it! It is the EASIEST and CHEAPEST diy project I’ve done so far. ($1.25 in total…..and it also made me a snack….. the unpainted part of course)

I ‘m sure you have seen tons of diy stamps made from potatoes, but that involves drawing and carving and frankly that’s too much work for a simple stamp. But then there came celery! After all, most people cut off the bottom of the celery bunch anyways so why not put it to good use?! It’s practically done for you. One cut and an elastic band and wa-la! Instant Martha Stewart!

image (1)

I know what you may be thinking….. “I’m not a stamper or scrapbooker, so why would I need to make a stamp?!”  Well hear me out….. because I got several great uses for this stamp. I taught the kids at school how to make this for a simple mother’s day card and they loved it! Or with some washable non toxic paint I’m sure it would be fun for kids in the bath to decorate the tile. So it’s a great craft for kids.

image (2)

I have also used it to make my own wrapping paper! I used simple brown packing paper, stamped white flowers and tied it up with a lace ribbon for a beautiful vintage parcel.  You could also make a colorful statement canvas painting, a gift label or stencil a wall! So there… I dare you not to love this craft. It’ll bring out the little kid in you!

But be warned not to get carried away having too much fun stamping or you could end up in a room like this.

Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.  ~Chili Davis


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2 thoughts on “DIY Flower Stamp

  1. Such a good idea!!!! I can totally see it as wrapping paper! Thanks for the inspiration! xo

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