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Finding out the Gender?!

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Is it a boy or a girl? In Medieval times, alchemists and herbalists suggested drinking prescribed concoctions just before conceiving and other tribes believed in wearing particular garments or trinkets. The Chinese also have a lunar calendar based on the woman’s age and the month she conceives which is aimed at providing couples with ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ months to either avoid or try to get pregnant. Many astrologists also have theories about sex selection according to certain dates and times in relation to where the planets lie. For us…. we planned on trying and got pregnant. No bedazzled outfits, calendar reading or rainbow colored martini’s for us. But now that we are pregant….do we find out or not?!

I found this topic to be another very opinionated conversation to bring up with others. But it’s a very personal decision only you can make. Finding out the sex of your baby through ultrasound is simply more common in this generation. In my parents generation, the technology wasn’t available to them to find out, or if it was, then it wasn’t very accurate. There were many medical ‘guesses’ and ‘oopsies’ when it came to the gender. But even in the past decade alone, technology has become so accurate to the point where even if they are 99% sure of the sex they will still tell you probable female or probable male (mostly for legal reasons). When discussing this decision with others I found that the majority of young couples find out the sex, whereas the majority of adults from my parents generation feel as though it’s ‘playing God’ by finding out. It’s not like we are picking out babies from a catalogue here…haha we are just seeing what we already have.

There are personal pro’s and con’s of each. Some people feel that by not knowing the babies sex, there is more anticipation for the delivery date and more motivation to give birth to find out if it’s a boy or girl. But there are also people who believe that finding out the sex helps them plan while still feeling the same anticipation and excitement to give birth in order to meet their boy or girl. To each their own.

I am a planner and organizer if you haven’t picked that up already. I started planning our nursery when I was only 8 weeks pregnant! Heck I started Pinteresting that stuff before I even wanted kids. However, I have always wanted a gender neutral nursery so finding out the sex didn’t matter for our nursery. Pink rooms or blue rooms just aren’t for me. I like neutral rooms with pops of color so if/when our kids share a room or switch rooms, we aren’t left painting again. And I believe that a child should grow into it’s room, not grow out of it. But my nursery reveal is another topic in itself…haha

We personally chose to find out because we were just really excited! 99% of people I talked to (whether they knew the sex or not) said that when the day of delivery came, they didn’t care the sex anyways,  they just wanted to see their healthy baby. So if the gender isn’t the main part of the delivery day, then finding out before just gives us a reason to celebrate something half was through our pregnancy! I felt like I would have a more personal connection to the baby throughout my pregnancy if I knew, and with all the excitement, emotions, stress and craziness of the delivery date, I feel like there will be more than enough going on that day already. And the bonus. Now I can buy gender specific clothes (I love my deals) and if we decide to have the shower before the due date (another topic for another day) we could have the shower specific to our baby instead of wearing yellow or green the first 12 months. Some of our family didn’t agree with our decision and some did….. it sounds awful….but we didn’t care. They made their own decision with their kids so we wanted that same freedom. (Our gender reveal pictures will be up on the blog soon!)

It’s a personal choice and whatever you decide will be right for you. It’s the same surprise at 20 weeks that it is at 40 weeks, it’s not like the result options change the longer you wait. It’s a boy…it’s a girl…it’s a…. dolphin?!

You are my new favourite reason to loose sleep. ~ Author Unknown


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