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Making the Announcement…


20 Wk 2 days - Copy

I can’t hold it in anymore because I can’t hide it anymore! I’m pregnant! And five months of it!! I got asked by family and friends recently why I hadn’t shared my news on the blog yet. In all honesty…. I guess I have always felt like pregnancy is such an intimate time in a couple’s relationship. My personal rule of thumb was that I wasn’t going to tell the whole world until the whole world could tell. I knew that inevitably there would be a time when I wouldn’t have the joy of sharing the exciting news, because at some point my belly would do the talking for me. And that time is now. But up until today I have enjoyed keeping my pregnancy on a need-to-know basis as a special thing between close family and friends. Of course to each their own because some people are dying to tell everyone the second they see two lines! I even waited one day to tell my hubby that news because I wanted to make it extra special for him too. Then by a month and a half we told parents and siblings and by two and a half months all our extended family and close friends knew.

The age-old rule of waiting 3 months to share the news is to each their own. I personally felt that before the 3 month mark I wanted to tell close family and friends because those are the people I know would support me if anything happened. And life is to short to always worry about the “what-ifs” anyways. My advice… don’t listen to anyone’s advice….haha.  Tell people when YOU want to tell people because it’s your pregnancy.

But now that the news it out in the open…. along with my growing baby bump, I thought I’d share how I broke the news to everyone….

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I planned a special dinner for my hubby the next night. (Which was torture because I’m horrible at acting nonchalant). The dinner was home cooked baby back ribs, baby potatoes and baby carrots….. no he did not figure it out…haha. So I’m glad I had a gift as a backup. I bought a specific baby book because it was a song that I always used to get stuck in my head while working at daycare. So inside the book I taped a picture of the positive test and I’m pretty sure that got his attention.


Then to spill the beans to our parents I racked my brain for days…..this is where my imagination can be a curse. haha There are sooooo many creative ways on the internet of how to tell family but none of them were personal to me. So I thought about obvious interests of each of our parents and took pictures of coordinating baby items along with my own cheesy puns!! We framed each picture and before giving it to them we made up a lie that after our weekend away we wanted to give them our favourite picture. (P.S- to avoid confusion. I have a father, stepdad and father in law) haha

My mom LOVES, loves, loves shoes and just couldn’t wait to be a grandma so this seemed fitting. haha

IMG_2090 - Copy - Copy My step dad is a DIE-HARD Canucks fan so this was a no brainer. IMG_2089 - Copy - Copy - CopyMy dad has been a biker for as long as I can remember and our father/daughter bike trips influenced this one.

IMG_2091 - Copy (2) - CopyMy father in law loves to hunt and our due date was perfect for this saying.

IMG_2091 - Copy - CopyMy mother in law loves to shop so I knew she would appreciate this.

IMG_2092 - Copy - CopyThe reactions of all our parents will forever be such an amazing memory for me and I am so blessed to have such supportive parents. ALL of them! After laughter, tears and lots of hugs I was already excited to think of a way to tell everyone else. After clomping through the snow I made this card that we gave to our siblings and emailed to extended family and friends later on.


I couldn’t be happier being pregnant and I love all the changes that come along with it. I am also really excited to start a new “Maternity 2 Motherhood” section on this blog to share important things I’ve learned, helpful pregnancy tips, prenatal workouts, food tips and more goodies on pregnancy!

Love from the two of us!

Making a decision to have a child–it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~ Elizabeth Stone


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  1. Lovely post and congratulations!

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