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DIY fabric wrapped canvas

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It’s been my goal since October to post at least 3-4 days a week (except for when I’m on vacation) and so far I haven’t skipped a beat! Yeah me! Unfortunately, I would have posted this last night but my computer was going through bouts of epilepsy as my monitor kept going to sleep every five minutes. I had the patience of a toddler after a long work week so I decided I would be easier to ask my blog followers for forgiveness then my husband after I tossed the monitor out the window.

This one of my favourite diy projects, simply because it’s SUCH an inexpensive way to create an original piece of art. And if you really want to save money, instead of paying top dollar at a fabric store, check out your local thrift stores for fabric. Sheets, quilts, and fabric shower curtains are great ways to buy large quantities of fabric for cheap. Besides how inexpensive and EASY this craft is, it’s also great because there are SOOOOOOO many options for canvas sizes, fabric patterns or even the way you decorate with them. These are just a few of my favourite ideas for fabric wrapped canvases that I’ve seen online.

A Modern Headboard

Multiple Canvas Feature Wall

Color Coordinated Art Piece

Modern Statement Piece for Large Wall

In my thrifting travels one day I happened to come across this funky BIG piece of fabric at a thrift store for $5.00! (look at the stapler in top left corner for size comparison)


Our house has many shades of grey (the only shade of grey I don’t have is the infamous smut novel) so I instantly was drawn to the neutral color palette and the fact that it was a photograph. And let’s be serious…. for $5.00 how could I say no. So to my home it went with me. Then I dug out two cheap canvases that I had bought at a dollar store and off to my craft room I went with power tools in hand. (I don’t know if a stapler is considered a power tool but in my opinion….if you can take an eye out with it…. it falls into that category). But I feel like I’ve earned my boy scout patch with handling tools because I worked as a carpenter building kitchen cabinets for a year so my hubby trusts me….enough.

All you need:

Canvas size of your choice (I chose two medium sized canvases)

fabric of your choice

staple gun


Step 1 Start stapling your fabric to the wooden canvas frame. I stapled along one side, then the opposite side and then the last two sides. It’s that easy.


Step 2 When I got to the corner I put a staple about an inch away on either side of the corner. Then I pulled and folded the corner fabric over and stapled again.


Ta-da. That’s all! Custom art work in under 5 minutes!


To the man who only has a hammer, everything he encounters begins to look like a nail. ~ Abraham Maslow


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