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DIY Subway Sign

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It’s almost Friday and nothing makes me happier than a new craft to try on the weekend, so I thought I’d share my latest diy with you! This was my first attempt at stencilled art and I loved how it turned out! Everywhere I turn I see subway signs, but I’m just too cheap to invest in a piece of art that seems so easy to make myself. And it was! This brought me back to my kindergarten memories where the best center was always the box full of felts and colorful plastic stencils….come on, how hard could it be?! Well turns out, not hard at all. First of all…. do not buy your stencil’s from a craft store. They were over $30 for a simple alphabet.! That’s highway robbery and I wasn’t about to empty my wallet for a simple stencil set, so I kept my eyes open. Sure enough I found almost the exact same stencil set at Dollarama for $2!! Start the car!!! It was a steal, so I tucked it away in my art supplies for a rainy day. Then this week I was organizing my art closet and I came across two old canvas’s that I had spray painted black. I was about to throw them away when I realized they would be perfect to practise on. Turns out I ended up liking my practise art so much that it’s hanging in my dining room now. This is seriously such an easy craft and it only cost me $2 since I already had the paint and canvases! I love me a good cheap craft!

All you need:

canvases in whatever size you want, painted whatever color you want (dollar stores carry most smaller canvases)

alphabet stencil set

acrylic paint in color of your choice

makeup sponge (stencilling sponges are a rip off too)


Then all you do is pick your quote and start dabbing the paint on the stencil. Wa-la! And there are so many options with this craft so it’s a great way to add personalized art to your home. You could choose a long quote for a large canvas, a quote split between two medium sized canvases or several smaller canvases with only one word per canvas. Then there are the color options. I chose black and white similar to my vintage number art, or you could choose a fun pastel palette of a mint green canvas with ivory letters or a striking contrast of red and black. As for texture, you could take some sandpaper to it once the paint is dry for a more distressed vintage look or spray with a glossy clear coat for a more polished look. I’d love to see what combinations you come up with. Happy stencilling!!

A creative mess is better than tidy idleness. ~ Author Unknown


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I am a DIY-ing, crafting, thrifting, baking, sewing, cooking, deal-loving gal with too much energy and a love for creating.

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