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Bathroom Makeover


Today is the first official Family Day in B.C so I am thrilled to have a long weekend. I had a very relaxing weekend so far with a Skype date from Jill in Vancouver on Friday night and Saturday night our friends Lise and Jeremy came over. Lise and I cooked a huge Greek dinner of spanakopita’s, grilled pita’s and homemade tzatziki sauce, lemon rice pilaf, greek salad and pork souvlaki! I have some great recipes to share soon! It was a huge feast and I still can taste the garlic! Then yesterday we ran some errands and worked around the house, so today is for rest and relaxation!

Since my last post my DIY backsplash makeover I thought I would show the before and after pictures of the bathroom. When we decided to give the bathroom a quick face list I browsed around the internet for ideas and I was inspired by the color palette in this bathroom.


 I loved the clean white trim with charcoal grey floors and tan walls. I matched up the color with Behr paint in “Brown Teepee”.

This is how it stared.

DSCF7195 - Copy

I’m convinced a toddler installed the original flooring because it sat at least 2 inches away from the counter, tub and toilet. Either that or the bathroom grew. Not to mention the burnt linoleum around the old heat register and the stains everywhere. No matter how much I bleached the floors they still looked disgusting. Who puts in yellow flooring?! I was so excited when my hubby started ripping it out.


Even if the floors were left as plywood, I would still like them better than the original flooring.


The entire floor cost us under $100 to replace and I loved how it turned out!!

IMG_2142 - Copy

I wanted the beach theme in the rest of our house to carry into the bathroom so instead of using a traditional towel rod I used a piece of driftwood that I had lying around and we just added some hooks.


This old shelf just needed a coat of paint and it serves as a great hand towel rack and display shelf.

IMG_2173 - Copy

I was so happy with how the bathroom turned out! The entire cost for new flooring, paint, new trim, new sink and accessories came to under $250. That’s what I call a cheap reno and I can actually walk barefoot on the floor without feeling like I’m going to pick up gang green. I also strategically got dark flooring so my hubby can’t complain about seeing my hair on the floor after I brush my hair. One reno…two happy people!

How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you’re on


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3 thoughts on “Bathroom Makeover

  1. I can’t get over how much counter space you have…what a girls dream! The bathroom looks lovely.

  2. Amazing results for so little money!

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