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DIY Makeup Brush Storage

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Does the makeup in your bathroom look like a makeup studio after a bridal party appointment, or a cluttered junk drawer?! Personally mine was a disaster, so I bought a bunch of cheap plastic organizing baskets from the dollar store. Now I have a separate basket for eyes, face and lips. I also hated having all my expensive brushes buried under all my powdery eyeshadow and makeup. So I browsed around the internet and came across this cute brush storage idea, however I thought it definitely needed some Chels-ifying.

 I was thinking of what container to use when I was inspired …. by my candle. Ever wonder what to do once you’ve burned down the last little bit of your candles?! I had two large candles at the end of their life, yet I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away.


So I washed them out and they were the perfect size! Then I decided I wanted to fill the container with something so the brushes would stand up straight. That way your dark eyeshadow brushes wouldn’t brush against (haha) you light-colored brushes. I decided on beans from the grocery store bulk section. I chose white navy beans (that`s a confused bean) and wa-la!


I love it! The bristles won’t get frayed, they won’t get dirty and they are easy to find and use. Every few weeks I also wash my brushes with a mild shampoo and then stand them back in the container and they dry great! An easy, cheap and fun way to display your makeup tools! All you need is a container and some fillers. I used white beans but you could color coordinate any color of beans to your bathroom. Red, brown, black, green, grey…. the list goes on. Or for funkier fillers, try polished rocks from the dollar store, glass rocks, fish tank rocks, fake diamonds, pearls or coffee beans. So many options! Let me know what you used!

Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world. – Marilyn Monroe

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