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Chasing Sunsets

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Yeah it’s Friday!! I have a few really good recipe posts that I was planning on sharing but I just got back from watching the best sunset so I thought I’d share that instead.

Sunsets carry so many memories for me, childhood family vacations, hot summer nights spent lounging by the lake after a late night game of beach volleyball, trips to the coast with my dad spent eating dinner by the ocean and tropical get-a-ways with my hubby.

I love sunsets because their beauty isn’t dependent on where you live or where you are. Sometimes my favourite sunsets are just regular everyday sunsets that can go unnoticed to most after a busy day at work. I am so lucky to be able to walk only five minutes to the perfect sunset spot. In the middle of the city two blocks off the main road lies rows upon rows of open orchard. So on my way home from the gym today I noticed the sky was changing colors so I literally raced home, grabbed my camera and chased the sunset. Just this past week alone I have chased several sunsets hoping for a good picture but I either would miss the perfect moment to snap a shot or the sky would cloud over last minute. So I am super happy with what I captured today. A great ending to another week.

Now time for the weekend! A small group of us are going out for dinner tonight because a close friend is in town and tomorrow night I have a date with my girlfriend so overall i’m pretty excited! I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend!

By the way: I finally gave in to the social media craze of Instagram and although I was determined not to sign up for another type of media I discovered that as a photography lover, I love the simplicity of snapping a candid shot to share with others. Follow me at domestic_ingenuity!






For some reason this picture reminds me of the sunsets through the trees in National Geographics about Africa.


A sunset is when the sun’s rays dance across the clouds as a final goodnight kiss to another day.


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