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DIY Jewelry Cleaner

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I am so glad that it’s Friday! The first week back to work after a long holiday always is tough. I don’t know about you but I always find that I hit a wall every afternoon around 1 pm. Maybe it’s the much-needed childhood afternoon nap that I am being robbed of. Geesh….work really cramps my sleep schedule. But I lived to survive another Friday afternoon and now it’s the weekend and I am so excited!

Tomorrow is our one year anniversary!! We are going out for a nice lunch tomorrow and then heading up to Sparkling Hill Resort for the night. It is the most amazing resort nestled on the mountains edge overlooking the lake below. The views are spectacular, and the hotel incorporates over 3.5 million dollars worth of Swarovski crystals in practically every corner of the property! Mr. Gernot Langes-Swarovski himself is the owner and it is the first public building in the world with crystal architecture. It’s outstanding! After we check-in we are going to hike around the 15 km of beautiful mountain trails and when we get back from nature we are enjoying the best part of the resort. The complimentary access to 7 unique aromatherapy sauna and steam rooms, indoor pool with underwater music, outdoor heated infinity pool and relaxation rooms!! When we are water-logged and wrinkly we will get dressed up to enjoy a 3 course dinner and then relaxing in the room. Each room has floor to ceiling windows with a large jacuzzi tub!! Then Sunday morning we get to enjoy a brunch fit for royalty before check out. The website pictures don’t even do justice to the real thing either!

Speaking of Swarovski crystals….. I get the second diamond band to my wedding ring on our one year! Ever since I laid my eyes on my ring I have been so excited to have the complete set. Happy one year to me!! Speaking of staying in a Swarovski crystal hotel and sporting my new diamond ring, I had to share this DIY jewelry cleaner. I usually just use soap for my wedding band but I use this cleaner constantly for all of my sterling silver. I can’t believe I haven’t shared this DIY sooner. I have been using this cleaner for years and it is amazing! Nothing comes close in comparison. And who wants to stick their precious jewelry in a toxic chemical bath anyways?! It is soooo easy and uses natural ingredients too! Let me know what you think!


Step 1. Line a dish with a layer of aluminum foil and set in jewelry. Sprinkle with about 2 tbsp of baking soda on top.


Step 2 Pour enough hot water into the dish to cover your jewelry. The chemical reaction will cause the water to bubble and emit a foggy gas. Don’t be alarmed when you smell a sulphur smell…… blame it on the dog.


That’s all! Your silver will come out as sparkly as brand new! Not to mention this costs practically nothing compared to the expensive jewelry cleaners they try to sell you at the store. I hope this keeps your bling nice and bright and I hope you all have a great weekend!!

When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure. – Peter Marshall


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One thought on “DIY Jewelry Cleaner

  1. i am definitely going to try this with my pandora bracelets! Thanks for sharing. :)

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