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DIY Ornament Advent Calendar

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Twenty-one days left until Christmas! I think I blinked and the calendar flipped to December so I decided it was time to decorate my house. I persuaded my husband to venture down into the crawl space and threatened to lock him in there until he came back up with my X-mas storage boxes. I was determined to decorate and nothing was stopping me. I can’t say that I go all out when it comes to festive decor… for any occasion. I like that when you walk into my house it still feels like a home as opposed to walking into a department store in Who-ville. I placed a couple of things in each room and made sure to fill my faux-tree with as many decorations as possible. However, I am concerned that if my tree were to ever fall on top of me I may never come out from under it. I hope the tree making companies don’t start putting weight restrictions on the branches or I’m hooped…. or I’ll just get another tree!

 Like I promised you here I finally made my advent calendar even if it was two days late. Since I couldn’t find the materials for my first idea I had to find something else to create. I was browing around for some inspiration and I absolutely fell in love with this ornament calendar from Pottery Barn.

Buuuuutttt……the price was enough for me to consider selling some furniture to be able to afford it. And in all honesty, it was kinda borning so I Chels-ified it! I used an old cupboard door (because I didn’t have any scrap wood), canvas material, an old book, a stencil and ink, some nails and a piece of burlap. I had all those supplies so it was FREE ninety nine! It was the easiest 4 step process!

1. Staple the canvas material around your piece of wood

2. Cut out paper labels (I used pages of an old book because it looks more rustic and vintage than boring white paper),

3. Stencil the numbers and nail the paper labels onto the wood

4. Hang your ornaments!


Take that Pottery Barn! I just love my advent calendar and it’s soooo fun putting a new decoration on the tree everyday! Let the countdown begin!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly…fa la la la la


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