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Bloody Good Blackforest Cupcakes

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   Yes…. I always bake in an evening gown and red lipstick if that’s what you’re wondering. This post goes hand in hand with my post yesterday about the Murder Mystery party we went to a couple of weeks ago. I decided that I needed to post about the yummy dessert I made. Since it was a murder theme I needed to make some bloody good cupcakes! Bahaha… oh Chelsey stop. Aside from ketchup, the only red ingredient that I could think of that paired nicely with chocolate was cherries. So black forest cupcakes it was.

   I made my favourite secret chocolate cupcake recipe and just added in a cup and a half of cherry pie filling into the mix. I baked them, made a chocolate buttercream frosting and dolloped some cherries on top. On a side note: I really enjoy the definition of dollop as I found it written here:

Add (a shapeless mass or blob of something) casually and without measuring

– Chekov stopped him from dolloping sugar into his coffee

 First of all…. every time I cook it consists of dolloping and secondly, the generic name they chose in the definition was Chekov?! Even more reason to use the word. Moving on, for the final touch I shaved bittersweet chocolate atop the icing and Magneeefeek! (insert French accent here)

Nothing heals the soul like cupcakes… It’s God’s apology for muffins.


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