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Wedding Cupcakes

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I know it is unacceptably late to be posting a picture from over two months ago but it’s better late than never right? This past September I was honored to stand up for my sister on her big day. It was a large wedding with an abundance of small details that all came together to create a gorgeous modern twist on vintage decor. Extravagant chandeliers hung delicately from natural wood beams, tall curly willow branches sat tall on silk table dressings and metallic picture frames were scattered throughout the room. The look was sophisticated and classy, so when I was asked to create her wedding cake/cupcakes I knew the bar was set high for me. But I love a challenge!

It was a stand-up reception with a casual feel so a cake cutting seemed too formal. Instead, she wanted cupcakes for everyone. However, I just don’t agree with a basic cupcake stand at a wedding…. it makes my skin crawl a little. haha  I wanted to create the feel of a traditional wedding cake but still incorporate the cupcakes. So I designed the cupcake stand, passed off the power tool job to my husband and embarked on the seemingly never ending job of baking….. and baking and baking. In total I made 180 individual cupcakes with a giant cupcake as the cake topper.

Simple vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and edible pearl accents.

Chocolate cupcakes with double chocolate frosting and dark chocolate shavings.

My sister gave me free rein to design her cupcakes so I decided on black and white to emulate the colors of a wedding gown and tuxedo.

I could not wait to try out my new giant cupcake tray! It worked great and the white rose icing turned out exactly how I wanted it to. After many practise attempts of course.

In all of the wedding cakes, hope is the sweetest of plums ~ Douglas Jerrold


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