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Scarf Love

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Fall just isn’t the same without fuzzy mittens and cozy scarves. I love that scarves serve two purposes these days. Fashion and warmth. It’s an easy way to accessorize and tie together an otherwise boring outfit. I’ve worn them all week! (a skull scarf right now to stay in the festive spirit). I have accumulated quite a variety of scarves in my travels here and there. It seems like every time I go out of town I find a scarf that I need to add to my collection.  Or on my treasure hunts to local thrift stores I come across great fabric that I just need to have, and nothing is better than one of a kind pieces. I bought all these clothing items with the intention to make infinity scarves with. I hope you like them!

I just loved this checkered men’s shirt. It was the perfect mixture of quilting and old man plaid.

You might remember this piece of fabric from my diy pillowcases. So I combined it with the checkered shirt to make a reversible infinity scarf!

This floral skirt was my grandma-in-law’s (Oma is much easier). When she asked if I could use it for anything I knew I had to make a scarf with the vintagy floral pattern.

It’s hard to see in this picture but the floral fabric below looks embroidered and I loved the colors. I added new buttons for a more unique twist and just because buttons make everything better.

I also love the combination of feminine patterns and colors mixed with the masculine black leather.

Okay I have a small addiction to polka dots. I love 50’s pin-ups and whenever I see polka dots it screams vintage and Betty Grable to me. So this silk skirt was my favourite $3 find. And who doesn’t feel fancy in silk?!

Bored of your pajama pants?! I just loved this classic plaid on my pj’s so much that I decided to sacrifice my sleepwear for a better cause. This material was screaming to see the light of day.

I have taught myself how to make a scarf out of pretty much anything….haha that’s the frugal part of me not wanting to waste good fabric! I make it up as I go and every one of my scarves is sewn a little different depending on how much fabric I have. So my tutorials would probably confuse the heck out of you and me. But to see a great tutorial on how to make your pj pants into an infinity scarf check out www.brittanymakes.com

Last but certainly not least. I bought this scarf a couple of months ago when I went on a road trip with my dad to Idaho. I fell in love with the Aztec pattern and neutral colors. The girl at the boutique showed me how to transform it into a vest! I took me a few minutes to figure out how to tie it, but it’s an inexpensive and fun way to incorporate trendy patterns into your wardrobe if you don’t want to invest in new clothes. I myself am far more comfortable with trendy accessories as opposed to clothing items. My girlfriend Becki has also discovered the scarf/vest trend so we are spreading the word one gal at a time.

To check out my tutorial on how to tie your scarf into a vest check it out here. I hope you had a great Halloween!

A good scarf is like a warm hug for your neckmoi


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