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DIY Vintage Numbers

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I saw this picture at Pottery Barn and fell in love with it. However, I DID NOT fall in love with the price. So I Chels-ified my own version. I racked my brain for different ways to do the numbers. At first I was going to free-hand them until I realized I would make it more DIY friendly. Then I looked for stencils at the craft store but couldn’t find any I loved (or wanted to pay for) sooooo I DIY’ed those too. Hope you like it!

You will need:

  • two canvas’s (I used a medium size about 1 1/2 feet by 2 feet)
  • small and large paintbrush
  • black  acrylic paint
  • white computer paper
  • pencil and scissors
  • vintage white or off-white acrylic paint
  • sandpaper
  • brown acrylic paint
  • gel medium (for those who wonder what this is. It’s a thick, colorless liquid, used as a paint additive, protective finish, or adhesive)  In this case a finish

Step 1

Start by painting your canvas’s black (I actually painted over one of my old pictures that I didn’t like so mine took a few more coats) You can use acrylic paint or spray paint if you like

Step 2

I went to a word document on my computer and tried different fonts of numbers until I found one I liked. I chose to use each number once and I used the number 2 twice just for fun. You can incorporate personal dates or numbers into your picture too.  You will want roughly 3 larger numbers, 3-4 medium sized numbers and 3-4 small size numbers. Since my printer was broken I decided to make sure my husband was no where to be seen trace gently over my large computer screen onto regular computer paper.

Step 3

Trace all your numbers onto computer paper. Then cut them out.

Step 4

Place your numbers onto your canvas and move them around until you get the look you want. I overlapped some of my numbers off the canvas to get a more random and non structured look.

Step 5

Once you are happy with the layout, trace around your numbers with a pencil.

Step 6

Start painting your numbers with the off-white paint! I did a second coat to make sure it covered the black. Let it dry. Don’t worry about perfectly straight lines or edges. You can fix that on the next step.

Step 7

Take the sandpaper and  gently rough up the entire canvas and around the edges. (If you went outside the lines while painting then this is the time to scuff away some boo-boos)  Now pour some gel medium into a tray or plastic cup. Add a few drops (I added way too much the first time) of brown paint and stir. Brush entire surface up and down with glazing medium. Let dry. Don’t be alarmed if the gel looks a little blue when wet, it’ll dry clear!

Step 8

Find a home for your new art and stand back and admire. I had all the supplies already so this DIY costs me NOTHING. I gotta say that’s much better than the sticker price.


Author: Domestic Ingenuity

I am a DIY-ing, crafting, thrifting, baking, sewing, cooking, deal-loving gal with too much energy and a love for creating.

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